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Alexis Grace Talks About Her Elimination from American Idol

Alexis Grace: "I Would Have Loved to Have Gone on Tour"

American Idol logged its first shocking elimination of the season when Alexis Grace went home on Wednesday over the suspected eliminee Michael Sarver. This morning, after packing up her "30 pairs of shoes" and moving out of the Idol mansion, she hopped on the phone with reporters to talk about her journey. Here are highlights:

  • On being a Southerner eliminated on country night: "I feel kind of like I let my state down. I'm from the South and we're supposed to do country well."
  • On whether she thought the judges might actually use their save: "Yeah, of course I did. I was like, maybe they could save me, possibly. It is really early in the game, and it wouldn't be good for TV if they did. . . . It just wasn't the right time."
  • On whether it would have made a difference if she could have picked which song to sing for the save: "Probably. I'm going to be honest, I think it could have. I think if I sang the first song that I sang, 'Never Loved a Man,' maybe I would still be there. I don't know. I think that 'Jolene' is a beautiful song, I love to sing it, but I don't think it was [the judges'] favorite performance. So I didn't get to really show them and remind them again why they picked me and why America picked me."
  • On missing the tour: "I'm really disappointed about that. I would have loved to have gone on tour. To sing with all those guys — I'm really close with them, and I know that they're going to do really well, and it would have been fun to do some duets with some of those people, too. But there'll be other tours."
  • On her love for Tom Jones: "My mom likes Tom Jones a lot, and I just like his voice — it just puts me in a good mood. In fact, I probably should have listened to some Tom Jones last night. It would have helped me a lot!"

To see what Alexis said was the toughest part of Idol, what she thought about Randy forgetting her name, and whether she'll keep her "dirty" look, just


  • On the hardest part of being on Idol: "Being away from my family, my daughter especially. It was tough. I went from being a stay-at-home mom and being with her every day to not seeing her at all and barely talking to her."
  • On Randy forgetting her name on Wednesday: "I think maybe that's just because it's his personality, not because I'm forgettable — hopefully not. But I did make a face when he said Allison. I was like, 'OK, it's Alexis.'"
  • On what she made of the judges' advice to "dirty it up": "I think [they gave that advice] because they saw something in me at the beginning that was a little edgy, but I hadn't quite touched on it yet. Especially when I sang, they were like, 'Wait a minute, that doesn't look right, it doesn't look like you can sing like that.' They wanted me to really become an artist, and they helped me do that."
  • On whether she'll keep the look: "I might change the pink highlights a little bit and turn them into something else."
  • On her dream collaboration: "Maybe Pink or Sarah McLachlan, or Joss Stone even."
  • On her immediate future plans: "I'm going to go back home and spend some time with my family first, and then I'm going to get to work, talking about recording some music and trying to get it out there."

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