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Alicia Silverstone to Play a Mother — to Maeby! — for ABC

Alicia Silverstone raised some suspicion that she was the mother after being courted by How I Met Your Mother earlier this year — but then there was that whole Britney Spears dustup, and Sarah Chalke stepped in instead. Now, it turns out Silverstone will be playing a mom — just not, you know, that one — in a new ABC comedy pilot.

Silverstone has been cast in the lead in Bad Mother's Handbook. But that's not all: Alia Shawkat, best known to me as Maeby from Arrested Development, will be playing her daughter. Silverstone's character is Karen, a 32-year-old woman overwhelmed by the demands of caring for her 16-year-old daughter and her 48-year-old mother. (Um, here's hoping Shawkat's character doesn't get pregnant at 16, too?)

Could you see Silverstone and Shawkat as mother and daughter? I'm a little worried that nothing will ever match the dysfunction of the Maeby/Lindsay Bluth dynamic, but I'm just so happy to see Shawkat back on TV that I'd be happy to watch them try! Silverstone hasn't had a great run in the sitcom world lately (her last project, The Singles Table, never aired — and remember Miss Match?), but maybe this one will be better. Your thoughts?

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