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America's Next Top Model Quiz: "Planes, Trains, and Slow Automobiles"

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "Planes, Trains, and Slow Automobiles"

Woohoo, America's Next Top Model has landed in Amsterdam, and the girls are divided as a house and back to doing photo shoots! Things are good and dramatic in Tyra-land, my friends.

So let's see. It's Elina, Analeigh, and Marjorie vs. McKey, Sheena, and Samantha. Kind of hilarious sides, if you ask me, with the first group being moody and cliquey and "born in Europe"-y and the second being, well, a little bonkers and a little dense but totally sweet. Personally, I love it and think it makes for great TV.

So how closely were you watching the girls' antics abroad last night? You can check out the rest of the pics from last night's episode, but first, take my quiz!

Photos courtesy of The CW

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "Planes, Trains, and Slow Automobiles"

Who said of her performance so far, "I'm at the point where I don't like being in the middle"?

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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
this may have been my favorite week, except for the fact that I still hate all the girls except for Analeigh. but I really liked Analeigh's and Sam's picture (even though I can't stand her). I did not like McKey's picture, though, (her face looked awful as usual ad her eyes looked goulish), and I cannot believe she got called first - it definitely should have been Ana. but I'm glad Sheena went, she was gorgeous but so mean and annoying and a terrible model...
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 7 years
8/10. I really hope that Analeigh wins, I think she has the best personality and modeling potential of the girls that are left. Elina is beautiful, but I really didn't like her at first then I started liking her again and now I hate her. She is just too pretentious. Marjorie was my favorite at first but now she is just too gawky. I can't see her being a model if she can't take the pressure. I don't see the fascination with McKey - she is way too manly and angular. Sheena is fun, but she couldn't really model. Samantha's gorgeous, but I don't like her personality. She seems a little too naive.
suziryder suziryder 7 years
tlsgirl, thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Elina - at least as model. I know Elina can be argumentative and not very diplomatic, but I still like her and I want her to win. I don't like that everyone hates her - I think she's getting cast in a bad light but that she's probably not as bitchy as everyone thinks she is. Anyway. I'm glad Sheena's gone!! I was getting so tired of her.
kikidawn kikidawn 7 years
Oh I so hope that Analeigh wins.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
Marjorie is so annoying to me an I really doubt she would make a good model long term. While I dont like Elina, she does have a great face. But I think she will mouth off or something and get the boot. I just see it. I think Mckey or Analeigh is gonna win. They just have the model look.
misshouston misshouston 7 years
For a few moments there, I thought Elina had left her big ol' bowl of bitchflakes back in L.A., but alas, no. I'm picking Analeigh for the win; she's the only one who has been consistently good, and her commercial was awesome.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
I like all the models except for Elina. She is a witch with a capital B. She is pretentious and snobby. Who cares that you are from Europe!? GEEBS. I love Samantha and Marjorie as models. Sheena definitely adds spice but her modeling was so so.
MsHauteStylist MsHauteStylist 7 years
Is Buzz going to do Stylista racaps?
MsHauteStylist MsHauteStylist 7 years
Oh wow...9/10. I watched the episode but wasn't really paying close attention.
aoitenshi aoitenshi 7 years
Sheena's gone! That made me sad. She was so fun and spunky, just not a model. I hope she gets into acting or something.
jasmint jasmint 7 years
McKey, Analeigh, and Marjorie will be the final three. After that, who knows.
Soapboxer Soapboxer 7 years
They should have booted Elina. Both she and Sheena had the same issue: they were told the same thing constantly and didn't improve. BUT at least Sheena was vibrant and lively, they kept the "pretty" one and that's just lame.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
McKey totally bores me, and I was SHOCKED that they liked her outfit at panel. My first reaction was "what the hell is that girl wearing?" Speaking of outfits though, I'm so glad that Tyra came out "just because it's a brand name doesn't mean it's good" in response to Sheena's outfit. So true. So, I know that Elina's not the most likeable, but I really like her as a model and she's the only one besides Analeigh that I could see winning.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
it's really funny but i knew that i was going to get 2 wrong - oh well. at least i knew most of the other answers!
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