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America's Next Top Model Quiz: "And The Winner Is..."

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "And The Winner Is..."

Last night's episode had to be one of the blandest of the season. And really I blame it on the fact that there was no Dominique. Sure she wasn't America's Next Top Model, but she added some spice to the mix. Oh, well. On to the final episode. . . As is typical for the last episode of the season, the show felt rushed. The girl's were whisked to a photoshoot/commercial, then immediately to the elimination panel, then the final two were off to their final runway show, and then bam — ANTM.

Yesterday you all were pretty evenly split between Anya and Whitney on who you thought was going to win. And today you seemed pretty happy with the end result. But were you as underwhelmed as I was with the episode as a whole? I mean, nothing beats Chantal tripping the man on the stilts from last season's finale. Be sure to weigh in on what you thought in the comments, check out the photos from last night's ep and take my quiz below! When you're done, hop on over to Bella's beauty quiz, too.

Photo courtesy of The CW.

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "And The Winner Is..."

Where did the girls shoot their CoverGirl commercial?

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