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America's Next Top Model Recap: For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "For Those About To Walk, We Salute You"

Wednesday's episode of America's Next Top Model proved that if you can emerge from this competition with your sanity and self-esteem intact, you deserve more than a few oddly placed Cover Girl commercials. You deserve a medal of honor.

The girls endured one of the meanest Tyra pranks to date when she dangled a beautiful private jet in front of them and then quickly yanked it away, maniacally informing them that they were in fact flying commercial to their secret international location (no doubt crammed into the back of the plane near the bathrooms). I know that's what making good reality TV is all about, but there are suspense-building gimmicks and then there are Tyra's little games, which I can't help but think are more for her entertainment then ours.

The most drama of the evening, though, centered around Fatima stressing out about her travel papers, as she is not a U.S. citizen and knew ANTM would be taking off for some exotic locale any minute. Her appointment to get her papers conflicted with the photo shoot and she literally had nothing to show come panel. Mr. Jay seemed to feel strongly that this was something she should have taken care of earlier and it was highly irresponsible of her to wait. What do you think? Did you feel bad for her or think she was the world's biggest flake?

I'm completely jealous of the international destination, and this week's challenge looked fun as well. Plus, was it just me or were the photo shoot outfits totally gorgeous and enviable for once? To find out where the girls are going and if Fatima was sent packing for missing the shoot, take my quiz!

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America's Next Top Model Quiz: "For Those About To Walk, We Salute You"

What did Paulina teach the girls at the loft?

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