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22 Reasons Why American Horror Story's Actresses Deserve Their Emmy Nominations

Aug 20 2014 - 12:00pm

Five of American Horror Story: Coven [1]'s ladies are up for Emmys this year, and we're campaigning for all of their incredible performances. Jessica Lange — who won outstanding supporting actress in a miniseries or movie in 2012 for the show's first season — and Sarah Paulson are competing against each other in the outstanding lead actress in a miniseries or movie category, while Frances Conroy, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett are all nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a miniseries or movie. While we know they can't all take home the gold, we did come up with 22 times they proved that they all deserve Emmys. Take a look before the ceremony on Aug. 25 — and definitely before the new season premieres on Oct. 8 [2]!

When Jessica Lange kicked off Coven by being super fierce as Fiona Goode.

Just look at that strut.

When Angela Bassett saw her fierceness and raised her a dash of badass as Marie Laveau.

She will ruin you.

Then she just laughed about it.

Even her cackle is terrifying.

When Sarah Paulson came in like a wrecking ball as Cordelia Foxx.

She got it from her mama.

When Frances Conroy was just the right amount of batsh*t crazy.

Myrtle Snow just loves fashion.

When Kathy Bates created her creepiest character since Annie Wilkes in Misery.

Her performance here might be even better than when she portrayed Annie Wilkes — and she won an Oscar for that.

When Angela Bassett showed Marie does NOT deal with disrespect.

This character could have been totally off the wall, but Bassett made Marie as realistic as a voodoo witch with a vendetta could possibly be.

When Jessica Lange made Fiona the ultimate HWIC.

Head witch in charge — come on.

When Frances Conroy effortlessly rattled off fashion facts.

Myrtle and her fashion.

When Angela Bassett was crazy intense in those flashbacks.

Different decade, same fierceness.

When Kathy Bates smeared human blood on her face as Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

OK, it isn't real human blood, but still.

When Frances Conroy's character threatens Fiona so nonchalantly.

Such a poor choice, but so well-acted.

Then when Jessica Lange's Fiona just straight up lights her on fire.

This is just the first time.

When Kathy Bates made this face.

Creating one of the most amazing GIF moments of all time.

When Jessica Lange made Fiona the most terrifying witch on the planet.

Not only are we afraid of Fiona, we're legitimately afraid of Jessica Lange.

When Frances Conroy's Myrtle tells someone not to be a hater.

She doesn't even flinch.

When Sarah Paulson pulled off playing a blind woman with such conviction.

In case you forgot, Cordelia also stabs her own eyes [3].

When Jessica Lange delivered her lines just . . . perfectly.

Enough said.

When Frances Conroy scooped out the eyeballs of Myrtle's enemies.

There is an actual GIF of this scene [4], but we figured we'd spare your eyes. Pun intended.

When Kathy Bates perfected acting with only her head.

Come on — give that head an Emmy.

When Frances Conroy flawlessly executed this ridiculous line.

Myrtle's last word: "Balenciaga."

Essentially, when they nailed everything ever, from the very beginning.

We knew even from this promo that Coven was going to kick ass.

Yeah, they pretty much all deserve to win.

We'll find out next Monday, Aug. 25!

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