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10 Freaks We'll Probably See on American Horror Story: Freak Show

Jun 29 2014 - 2:00am

Recently we finally got some tangible news about American Horror Story: Freak Show [1] — Sarah Paulson revealed that she would be playing the role of conjoined twins [2] Bette and Dot. Other details, including the fact that Michael Chiklis joined the cast [3], have been slowly leaking out, and we've been trying to piece together the mystery [4]. We've been thinking, though: conjoined twins are such a common freak-show character, so what other usual suspects can we expect in October? We're looking at freak-show characters and bizarre creatures from past movies and TV shows to help us get an idea.

Source: Universal Pictures [5]

Conjoined Twins

We've decided to use this America's Next Top Model shot to depict Bette and Dot, because the image Sarah Paulson tweeted isn't an actual picture of her character [6]. This one helps us get the full effect.

A Demented Clown

Oh yes. There will be a clown. In fact, Ryan Murphy revealed [7] that they're creating "the most terrifying clown ever." Which is saying a lot, if you're competing with Stephen King's Pennywise, the horrifying monster from It. Get ready for nightmares.


Giants are another familiar concept when it comes to freak shows and circuses. Yes, they appear as mythological creatures on Game of Thrones, but you might remember a more circus-like depiction in Big Fish.

A Contortionist

Is it just us, or are possessed people like, really good at contorting themselves? Like, this twisted-up possessed woman from The Devil Inside could totally double as a contortionist. And no, we're not saying the contortionist on AHS will be possessed, but like, it's totally within the realm of possibility.

A Ringleader

There has to be someone running the show, right? Except, instead of Christoph Waltz from Water For Elephants, it'll be Jessica Lange. We've already heard Lange will be playing a German expat who's running the show, so we can only assume she's the one who fits here.

A Dog-Faced Boy

Think of it as a light version of a werewolf. Like Scott McCall-from-Teen Wolf style. Or maybe Benicio Del Toro [8], who pretty much took the cake as Duke the Dog-Faced Boy in Big Top Pee-wee, and it's totally something Ryan Murphy would spring for. It would be perfect for Evan Peters, right?

Source: MTV [9]

The Elephant Man

We already know Ryan Murphy plays a lot with the concept of deformity and mutilation on the show. In season one, there's the awful baby creature in the basement. Season two shows the fate of Shelley, who suffered experimentation at the hands of Dr. Arden. And season three has a literal Frankenstein monster. You can almost 100 percent count on something straight out of The Elephant Man.

A Fortune-Teller/Palm Reader/Gypsy

No traveling freak show is complete without some sort of clairvoyant. We're picturing a more sinister version of Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter films. Maybe there will be tarot-card readings, or palm readings, or a crystal ball. No matter what, though, there's going to be some psychic business happening.

A Lion Tamer

This character admittedly has more of a circus vibe to it, but this kind of thing could easily fit into a freak-show atmosphere, too. And you know he or she is going to have some Britney Spears [10] fierceness. Maybe it won't be lions, though. Knowing Ryan Murphy, it'll be weird human-animal hybrids. And someone is going to have to keep them under control, right?

Source: YouTube user BritneySpearsVEVO [11]

A Bearded Lady

Come on! You can't have a freak show without a bearded lady just like Salma Hayek [12]'s character in Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, right? The two pretty much go hand in hand. Plus, Murphy already stated that they'd definitely be featuring their own version of this one.

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