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"American Idol" Elimination: It's Curtains for Chris S.

"American Idol" Elimination: It's Curtains for Chris S.

Our 'fro-headed wisecracker is gone! Chris Sligh was voted off "American Idol" on Wednesday after he failed to really nail a performance in the finals. As much as I hate to agree with Seacrest, his assessment of Chris as one of the most clever "Idol" contestants was dead-on, and I'm sorry he won't be around to lighten the mood during performance shows anymore. I'm also sorry my DVR cut out before he told Phil that Phil owed him fifty bucks.

Phil and Haley joined Chris in the bottom three, and I was actually surprised to see Phil there. I'm really not a fan of his, but I can think of a lot of times he deserved to be in the bottom three, and this wasn't one of them. Haley, meanwhile, has to know her number's up soon; she just looks terrified all the time now, poor thing.

And yes, that means Sanjaya wasn't even in any danger. Dear America: What are you smoking? For more thoughts on Wednesday's elimination show,

  • Maybe I should have seen it coming, but Seacrest coming out in the Sanjaya ponyhawk wig was pretty amazing.
  • We got a Wild West pimpomercial — I'm sorry, "music video" — featuring Chris Richardson as an outlaw and Jordin as the sheriff trying to put him in his place.
  • "So that means either Chris or Gina will be joining Phil and Stacey in the bottom three," quoth Seacrest. Wow, I guess when Simon said he didn't know Haley's name, he wasn't alone.
  • The "Idol" challenge was about which finalist had been nicknamed "the velvet teddy bear," and Bo Bice was an option. I think he's one of the least teddy bear-ish contestants in Idol's history, actually.
  • Gwen's performance was so much better than what we usually see on "Idol" (read: washed-up stars in wildly inappropriate outfits attempting songs their voices gave up on years ago). So refreshing.
  • Was Paula trying to dress like Gwen? Both were wearing white button-down shirts, neckties and bib tops. Gwen, of course, looked awesome, while Paula looked ... well, kind of like a pirate. I think it was the fluttery sleeves.
  • Simon on who was going home: "I think it's bye-bye, Curly." I think he meant Chris, but Haley's hair was curly too.
  • If my coin had only come up tails on Tuesday, I'd be three-for-three in predicting eliminations
  • I'm glad Chris got a singout. I wish I could have just heard him crack jokes for two minutes, but I'll take the singout.

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