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"American Idol" Elimination: Goodbye, Gina

"American Idol" Elimination: Goodbye, Gina

Aww, our resident rocker is gone! Gina got voted off "American Idol" on Wednesday — and a few weeks too soon, in my opinion. She probably wouldn't have made it to the end, but she should have outlasted Haley and Phil at least (and, if this weren't bizarro-world, Sanjaya). I must say, though, that she didn't go terribly gracefully: Did anyone else think it was a little petulant the way she threw aside her lucky stuffed pickle?

The other big news of the night: Because Tony Bennett was ill, Michael Buble filled in with a last-minute performance. Good to know he had nothing better to do.

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  • The pimpomercial was a car wash set in a jungle — because the car was a hybrid, get it? — with weird stuff like soap coming out of flowers. Nice cameo by Kermit the Frog, though.
  • Seacrest pulled his whole "divide the contestants into three groups" thing before the elimination. For the record, Haley, Gina and Phil were the bottom three; Jordin, Melinda and LaKisha were the top three; and Blake, Chris R. and Sanjaya were the middle three.
  • I didn't notice it with all the gel on Tuesday, but Sanjaya's cut his hair. Can the KFC bowl cut be far behind?
  • The "Idol" challenge questions just keep getting dumber. As if we called Bucky Covington "chicken little." Come on, give us a hard one.
  • Buble made an Antonella Barba joke. Dude, you're about three weeks late.
  • The ratings weren't their best this week, but the vote total was the highest so far: 33 million.
  • When Seacrest announced Gina was leaving, were the boos louder than they've been for the other contestants? I can't say I'd really noticed them before, but they were obvious on Wednesday.
  • I was surprised that Jordin seemed the most broken up about Gina's ouster; I wouldn't have pegged them as friends, for some reason. But Gina let her pitch in on her farewell song, which was pretty sweet.
  • The results shows become an hour long as of next Wednesday, which means we'll get 58 minutes of filler instead of 28. Also, more group sings.
  • One note on the subject of Haley's legs: Her skirt (which she wore over nothing, except hopefully undies) was inches shorter than the one Gina wore over jeans. See?

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