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"American Idol" Elimination: Melinda Moves Out

"American Idol" Elimination: Melinda Moves Out

In the end, being consistently good wasn't enough to get Melinda Doolittle into the "American Idol" finals. The most experienced contestant of the season was booted before the final two, making way for a Blake vs. Jordin finale next week.

I'm torn about Melinda's elimination. On the one hand, I saw it coming — and on the other hand, I was hoping that all of you were right and she'd be around another week. There are a slew of "Melinda was robbed!" stories being written right now, and I see the point there; I think she's the most talented, and certainly the most professional and polished, "Idol" contestant this year and, based purely on singing, she's the best the show has ever had. And yet, the buzz on her was always that she was boring, or old, or just lacking whatever star power she'd need to really be the "Idol" winner, and I don't think voters just care about singing — they want a great entertainer. As I said yesterday, though, I don't think Melinda needs the "Idol" title at all; she's going to get a record deal and put out some amazing music, and she might be better off without producers trying to shove her into a pop/rock box.

A few more thoughts about the results show, including the hometown visits, so

  • Jordin looked more upset at Melinda's elimination than Melinda did. They were roommates through at least part of the competition, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Melinda was a mother figure to Jordin.
  • By advancing to the finale, Jordin broke a curse that had been with "Idol" since the beginning: Until this week, every contestant who'd gone first when the top three sang had been eliminated.
  • Really, I wonder how Seacrest felt about losing his intro spot to a cartoon. Homer got a lot right, of course ("Simon was scary, Paula was nice ..."), but Seacrest is better for at least one thing: Homer's "This ... is 'American Idol'" just didn't have the usual punch.
  • Jordin's hometown visit: So! Cute! But I have to say, singing "I Who Have Nothing" for the Glendale public probably took that exuberant, screaming crowd down a few notches, huh? That song = gloomy.
  • Just for posterity, the final Idol Challenge question: Which season five finalist was not in the final two: Elliott, Katharine or Taylor? Ha.
  • Speaking of Elliott, he looks so much better with the curly mop of hair (though he might want to consider shaving). He also seems so much more comfortable on stage than he ever did on "Idol."
  • "This! Blake! Has! Taken control! Of me!" Ryan "sang" as he sat down next to Blake. Then he asked Blake if he really does like big butts; Blake responded "I can't lie." That's my boy.
  • Scariest part of Blake's hometown visit: the throngs of teenage girls pounding on the window while Blake did his radio interview. I mean, wow.
  • Melinda seemed incredibly gracious and loving in her hometown visit video — but I suppose that's no surprise by now.
  • Loved the little kids who played junior versions of the finalists in the pimpomercial.
  • So I have to ask ... with Melinda gone, could Blake actually win this thing?

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