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"American Idol" Elimination: So Long, Stephanie

"American Idol" Elimination: So Long, Stephanie

Well, my snap-judgment pick to win "American Idol" is gone in the second round of the finals. Oops. Stephanie got the boot on Wednesday after a couple of weeks of lackluster performances that never quite got back to the bar she set for herself in the first week.

Her elimination wasn't a surprise, but I was shocked about who joined her in the bottom two: Timberfake! I guess I was wrong when I said Chris would get new fans after Tuesday's performance. Maybe the boy-band voting base isn't as strong as we think. Or maybe everyone was just so sure he'd be safe this week that they devoted their votes to someone else. Either way, his fan base better step it up, or he might be exiting "Idol" before Sanjaya. And I'm not Chris' biggest fan or anything, but that would really be a shame.

For more thoughts about Wednesday's show,

  • Nice that they mixed things up by having a bottom two instead of a bottom three, but it was hilarious to watch all the contestants trying to do the math after the third group of three was told to sit down. "Wait, so there are 11 of us ... and nine of us are safe ... wuh-huh?"
  • Peter Noone is pretty much a big muppet, isn't he? As far as I could tell, his "dance" consisted of the moves from "I'm a Little Teapot." On the other hand, I love me some Lulu. Someone should give her a talk show. I'd watch.
  • There was no group sing on Wednesday! How did that happen? The Ford pimpomercial, meanwhile, was set in a laundromat, with Melinda doing some pretty impressive gymnastics across the tops of some washing machines.
  • What was the deal with the person in the audience holding a sign that read "Clay Aiken hurt me" with a frowny face drawn on?
  • Hey Fox: Stop putting stars from your other shows on "Idol." That said, watching Brad Garrett on contestants' row was pretty amusing, especially when Seacrest kicked him off and he shrugged away from Blake's consoling pat on the shoulder.
  • The "Idol" challenge was about which Idol just got cast in The Color Purple on Broadway. Hm, it wouldn't be the one who appeared on the show to promote said musical just a couple of weeks ago, would it?
  • 30 million votes were cast this week, up a couple of million from last week.
  • Has Seacrest said "Seacrest out" a single time this season? I think he's ditched his catchphrase.
  • Photo courtesy of Fox

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