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American Idol Recap: Hollywood Night Round Three, Michael Castro and Leneshe Young Eliminated

American Idol Rundown: Hollywood, Night Three

You know, I was about the biggest supporter out there of American Idol expanding the Hollywood round to two weeks of shows. I love the drama, but most of all, I love the singing we get to hear once all the total trainwrecks of the audition rounds are gone. But this year's Hollywood shows have been heavy on the drama (Tatiana! Bikini Girl! Emo Nathaniel!) and light on the singing. So it was a relief on Tuesday to finally get to see a few more contestants perform solo.

But what on earth are they going to do tonight? If Seacrest's narration is to be believed, the singers have already performed for the last time. So is Wednesday's entire two-hour show just watching all 54 contestants sit in those fancy chairs in the judges' mansion (side note: there's a judges' mansion?) and either make it through or get sent home? Why not squeeze another performance in there?

Anyway. Tuesday's show did produce some interesting results, both in terms of favorites who got sent home and unlikely contestants sticking around. To chat about it, just


  • You know, I'd been wondering what happened to Leneshe Young after she brought down the house during her audition. It was so nice to see her again — but it was just in time to see her headed home. I wonder if by showing the abbreviated version of her sob story again, they were trying to go all Josiah Leming on us?
  • I was surprised that Simon actually stopped Kaylan's performance. It's her final solo! Let the girl finish singing, OK? Maybe Randy, Paula, and Kara would have outvoted him. Yeah, probably not, but still. I felt legitimately sorry for her.
  • Apparently being an unbearable joke wasn't enough to get anyone kicked off, cause you know who's still with us? Tatiana and Norman. Yup. Tatiana won't stop with the singing and the begging, and Norman . . . well, I think the dude's hilarious, but he really needs to go just start up his one-man show. I think the judges will tell Norman as much in the end; Tatiana is another story, but I think America will send her home out of spite even if the judges don't.
  • Speaking of which, maybe the most awesome part of the whole night was the other contestants' bug-eyes when Tatiana joined their room.
  • You know what room was obviously safe? The one with Danny, Jamar, Adam Lambert, Anoop, etc. I can't imagine anybody in there took one look at the other 17 people sitting around them and worried, even for a second.
  • Coming out of basically nowhere to impress me: Junot! Really, Randy was worried about his star potential? He's so lovable already!
  • It's been a while since we saw Stevie Wright, but she's so composed, I have a hard time believing she's 16.
  • A couple of interesting song choices on Tuesday, including two "Tattoo"s and one acoustic rendition of "Disturbia" from Nathaniel.
  • So despite Simon's cautions that forgetting your words gets you sent home — and the apparent truth of that warning on Group Night — tons of people who forgot their words got through! Including Joanna "I was basically already famous once" Pacitti. Why even say it if you don't mean it?
  • Apparently there will be no Castro family dynasty on Idol. I'm surprised they didn't show us more of Michael just for the name recognition.
  • And finally: What was hanging around Paula's neck?

Up next, unless the producers have some special secret performance planned: Two hours of watching people sit in chairs and cry! Woohoo!

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