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"This American Life" to Hit TV, Theaters

"This American Life" to Hit TV, Theaters

I've been a huge fan of the public-radio storytelling series "This American Life" for years. I'm so obsessed with the show's personal essays and quirky fiction that I used to record the broadcasts to cassette. (Now I just download the podcast). Once when I was in college in Chicago, I even walked out of a theater next to the show's nerdy-cool host, Ira Glass, and was too starstruck to say anything.

Naturally, I'm super-excited about two pieces of "This American Life" news: First, that the long-awaited TV show based on the radio stories will debut on Showtime on March 19, according to Entertainment Weekly. And second, that Ira Glass and the others have signed a deal with DreamWorks to develop movies based on the show's stories.

Granted, last year's Unaccompanied Minors, based on the show's story about kids stranded at a Chicago airport over the holidays, wasn't exactly a hit. But I think lots of other stories could make good movies — say, maybe this one about the stolen parrot?

Any other "This American Life" fans out there? Which episodes do you think would work on film?

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