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Amy Adams Interview For The Muppets

Amy Adams Says She "Was Just Happy to Be There Supporting The Muppets"

Amy Adams is one of the few human characters in the Thanksgiving weekend release of The Muppets, the updated comedy that's bringing back the beloved characters. She stars as Mary, the girlfriend of Gary, played by Jason Segel (who also cowrote the film), who helps assist The Muppets in keeping their old theater from destruction. I sat down for a chat with Adams about the film, and she talked about seeing her costar Jason in both funny and emotional moments, as well as who her favorite Muppet is. Watch now.

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I used to walk around the house going "wakka wakka wakka" and I don't think anyone thought it was that cute, but I did. And to see a six foot poor man stuck in a couch is really something to behold. I heard that Jason and Kermit sent you a video to convince you to be in the movie. But, had you had any reservations about it, or would you have? Once I read the script, too, I mean Jason came at this with so much love and so much joy, and I loved the Muppets growing up. So it was something that I wanted to be a part of upon hearing about it, but when they sent that, I knew I was going to do it. Were you more intrigued because you got to sing and dance? I was just happy to be there supporting the Muppets in what is their movie. I always love to sing and dance, whether somebody films it or not. It's kind of beside the point.I'm always happy to do that in a film. Was Miss Piggy threatened by you? I guess you'd have to have to ask her. I was very deferential. I was not going to steal any of her spotlight and she knew that. So, hopefully, she felt that I was just there to be in the background to support her. Did your daughter get to come to set? She did. I brought her a couple of times. She was a little young to understand. She was curious about them. But, she's come to the junket a couple times, and she thinks it's a lot of fun. So she's a fan now? Oh yeah. Somebody gave her a Kermit doll, very sweetly, gave her a Kermit doll and she was not letting it go yesterday. She loved it. Do you have a childhood favorite of the Muppets? Fozzie was mine. Really? Yeah, he was. Why? I don't know. If I think back, I liked that he told jokes and nobody thought they were funny. And for some reason I really identified that. And I used to walk around the house going, "Wocka Wocka Wocka." And, I don't think anyone thought it was that cute. But I did. Do you have a magical memory from the set to share? There are tons of magical moments. But for some reason I feel the need to throw Jason under the bus. We were sitting down, and every once in a while, because of working with Muppets, you have to have a fake bottom on something. So there's room for you know, the puppeteer and Jason didn't know that there wasn't a bottom under the cushion and he sat on the couch and fell through. And to see a six foot four man stuck in a couch is really, it's really something to behold. And I heard that he cried the first time he did the table read with Kermit. Did you get to see him being emotional at all? I did. He celebrated his 31st birthday on set. And, it was the night that we were shooting on Hollywood Boulevard. And we all sing Happy Birthday like, there was, I don't know how many background artists and all the dancers and all of the muppets were there, so I think that, I know he was very happy.

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