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35 Times Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team Cracked You Up

Jul 9 2014 - 5:30pm

Legendarily funny comedy Anchorman is celebrating its 10th anniversary Wednesday, and we know how you can celebrate the Will Ferrell [1] ode to '70s newsmen: by laughing at its most hilarious moments. The superquotable movie gave us lines we still repeat all the time, while teaching us valuable lessons about bears, menstruation, and drinking milk on a hot day. Walk down hilarious-memory lane by reliving the movie's funniest lines and moments in GIFs!

When the Channel 4 News Team Feels Pure Joy

When Ron Tells San Diego How to Behave

When Ron Celebrates His Favorite Beverage

When Ron Questions His Own Name

When Ron Gives Us a New Expression of Shock

When Ron Gives Us a Second New Expression of Shock

When Brick Gives Us Astoundingly Wrong Facts

When Ron's Not Even Mad, but Impressed

When Ron Gets a Little Competition in Veronica Corningstone

When Ron Decides to Woo Her Instead

When Ron Wins an Argument With This Line

When Ron Whips Out His Jazz Flute

When Brick Doesn't Know What We're Yelling About

When Brick Loves the Most Boring Thing in the Room

Because Brick Doesn't Know What We're Even Talking About

When Brian Fantana Introduces Us to Sex Panther

When He Gets His Statistics Wrong

When Ron Gets Real With Brian About Sex Panther

When Brian Demonstrates What Sex Panther Is Supposed to Do

When Ron Demonstrates What Sex Panther REALLY Does

When Brick Doles Out This Amazing Insult

When Ron Gets the Gang Into the Brawl of the Century

When Luke Wilson Shows Up in Said Brawl

When Ben Stiller Is Also Randomly There

When Brick Kills a Guy

When Ron Makes This Understatement

When Ron and Veronica Hate Each Other

When the Insults Get Really Bad

When Ron Gets Teleprompter Sabotaged

When Ron Angers Jack Black

And When Jack Black Has His Revenge

When Ron Gives Us the Best Expression For Not Being Able to Deal

When Ron Discovers What Not to Drink on a Hot Day

When Brick Goes Behind the Scenes at the Zoo

And When the Guys Give Us the Greatest Sing-Along of "Afternoon Delight"

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