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"Arrested Development": Free Episodes Online!

"Arrested Development": Free Episodes Online!

Awesome TV news flash: MSN is offering episodes of "Arrested Development" online - for free! Every few weeks, the site will feature episodes from the series, until all three seasons have been shown over the year. The one downfall: There are only three episodes or so at a time, and once the next episodes are posted. the previous ones come down. The upside: You could basically watch a different "Arrested Development" episode per week for an entire year, free of charge.

The site also has other offerings, including downloadable wallpaper calendars like this one, which show the dates when each of the episodes will be released on the site. And, of course, the shows themselves. I just watched the episode in which we're introduced to Tobias' "nevernude" condition, and it thoroughly brightened my Monday.

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