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Video: Does The Avengers Live Up to the Hype? Find Out!

Fans have been eagerly awaiting The Avengers for years, and now that it's almost here, the anticipation is bigger than ever! But does the movie actually live up to the hype? In this episode of The Buzz, BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal tell you their verdict and reveal what the cast has to say now that they've seen the film. Check it out!

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it's called the Avenger's initiative. The Avenger's are kicking the summer block buster season already getting a lot of buzz. But does the movie live up to hi, I'm Shannon Vestal. I'm Becky Kirsch. We're the editors of BuzzSugar and in this week's episode of the Buzz, we're we are looking at one of the biggest movies of the year, The Avengers. Now, Becky has already seen the film, so people that do not know any think about the Avengers Becky? Can you tell us a little bit about what it is. Yes, well so what he said the hype has been building up for years and we've already seen a few of these super heroes get their own movies. There's an Ironman Thor and Captain America, but now they're all coming together, with a few new ones added in. And basically, we'll see them unite to fight against one villain who actually stands alone from Thor Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. Alright, I am excited about the movie, but I have a lot of questions. That I think other people might have too, so if you are game to answer that I would like to ask you. Oh, I'm game. My first question is for the fact that even though I've seen the other movies, do you have to remember what was going on on in each one, or do you even have to even have seen them to enjoy or understand the Avengers? Yeah, that's a really good question the answer is you definitely don't need to have seen the other ones I mean this movie can definitely stand alone. I think if you have seen the other movies, it helps a little bit because you already know the characters and your excited to see them and what they have to say and everything. But other than that you know there are montages and things that can kind of catch you up, so you know what's going on here. Okay. I felt like each of those previous movies were a little bit different in tone. Some were funnier than others, some more dramatic some are dramatic, some are witty. So which of those is The Avengers most like? That's a good question, too. I would say it's definitely not the most like Captain America, which was a little more serious This one is definitely light. You know you've got all the characters coming together and it's very witty, very funny. Joss Whedon wrote and directed the movie, so you can feel his and on it, so that's why we say it's most like Thor and Ironman. Another question I have is this is an action movie, so I'm wondering how the special effects look, especially in light of the fact that The Hulk is in this and he's this big CGI monster. I thought the special effects looked great, and first of all the Hulk's not a monster. Sorry. Superhero and he was a man. But, I thought this scene when he first transforms and you see Mark Ruffalo turn from Bruce Banner into the Hulk was very impressive. My eyes were wide just like a little kid. I think overall, all the action scenes are really great and very grandiose and I had so much fun watching. Well the girly part me wants to know is there any romance or any love interest for any of the avengers in this movie? Sorry, to say there is not a lot of romance in this movie. Probably the least of any of of The Avengers movie so far. We do get treated to one cute scene between Ironman, played by Robert Downey, Jr., and Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. and there's also a hint of romance between two of the Avengers but not really anything more than a hint. Well, okay, besides love is there anything else that you felt was lacking from the Avengers anything you would've liked to have seen more of? I think, you know, my only real issue with it is that there are definitely certain characters that you love more find more entertaining and because there are so many that they're trying to pack in here, sometimes you wish you could spend a little more time with Thor, a little more time with Ironman, instead of having to bounce back to get everyone in there. And I also know that you recently interviewed the whole cast, so I was wondering if they had anything interesting to say about the movie. Yes, they have lots of interesting things to say. And it seems like a real universal sentiment between cast fans and the cast is that everyone's very impressed by this the first time they see it, so let's take a look at what's happened then So when you first saw the film, what were you most impressed by? Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans, how funny he was. It's so surprisingly funny. I was impressed also by how funny it was. We knew it was going to be exciting, but you never know it's going to be funny. You don't expect to hear this many really wicked ones. Big man in a suit of armor. take that away what are you? A genius, billionaire playboy, philanthropist. The special effects were mind-blowing. I was going to say the Hulk, just cause he has the one thing you can't really get a sense from on the page. It's really satisfying when he starts to turn into The Hulk. The CGI interpretation of The Hulk, which has been incredibly criticized over the past asked is a big piece of this puzzle. People said, "I love the effects, I've never seen anything like this.' Yeah. Because sometimes you go, "Well, that was an amazing effect." You're noticing that it's an effect. You forget that it's effect. How did they do that to New York? It's action, it's spectacle, it's visuals, it's performance-driven, it's got amazing characters; it's good. well said. We've heard reasons for why the movie is worth seeing and where it might fall a little bit short. but I want to know from you, Becky, what is your final verdict? Does The Avengers live up to the hype? Yes, I think it definitely does. It's a hard task to put together all of these different super heroes into one movie, but I think Joss Whedon definitely pulls it off. Comic book fans are going to be happy with this one. There's lots of Easter eggs and I think it really has a wide mass appeal. You could take kids, you can take adults, so I think it lives up to the hype. Awesome. Well, the movie is out May 4th. I'm really psyched to see it, and if you are, too, let us know in the comments. And thanks for watching The Buzz.

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gd101 gd101 3 years
I can't wait! I know it is going to be AMAZING!
Arthur Arthur 3 years
Alright, I'm psyched.
Victor2628512 Victor2628512 3 years
I watched The Avengers last night in Lima, Perú and it definitely lives up to the hype. As the cast says, it´s a very very funny movie. 5 stars!
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