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Awesome Opening Title Sequences

I recently came across this list of the top 10 opening title sequences in movies, compiled by Granted, many of them are truly awesome: I have a particular fondness for the opening scenes of Snatch. Yet, I couldn't help noticing that they are basically all crime, horror, or gangster movies: Casino, Dawn of the Dead, Fight Club, Seven, etc. It got me thinking: Aren't there good opening sequences to movies that aren't violent?

Here are some of my picks for really well-done or entertaining opening sequences. What others can you think of?

Love Actually
I know I’ve said this before, but the footage of real people greeting each other at the airport is as heartwarming as a Kodak commercial, and even more so because it’s real.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
One of my all-time favorite films, Drop Dead Gorgeous opens with the promotional video for the Sarah Rose Cosmetics American Teen Princess Pageant, featuring "last year's host," Adam West. I particularly enjoy the programmed robot voice inserting "beautiful Mount Rose, Minnesota" to personalize the video.

To see the next three,

Little Miss Sunshine
A fantastic introduction to each of the family members, starting with Olive carefully studying Miss America footage.

The Wedding Singer
Adam Sandler sings "You Spin Me Right Round" while wedding guests enjoy themselves.

Legally Blonde
Yes, that's right, Legally Blonde. It may not be the most life-changing of films, but I find this first sequence silly and entertaining: images of stereotypical sorority life intermingled with shots of Elle getting ready for her date, all to the tune of "Perfect Day." Note the bottle of blonde hair dye on Elle's vanity table!

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