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24 Moments From Awkward. That Made Us Feel . . . Awkward

Apr 29 2014 - 1:42pm

In high school, every minor hiccup seems like the end of the world. Didn't get homeroom with your friends? Ugh, the audacity of those counselors. Couldn't find the perfect prom dress? Guess you're not going. Parents put the kibosh on an unsupervised senior trip? Well, there goes your social life.

Though I am well out of high school college, each week I'm transported back to a simpler time, courtesy of MTV's Awkward. From love triangles and catty BFF brawls to inappropriately oversharing counselors and inexperienced parenting, witty writing and lifelike scenarios take this comedy well beyond its target demographic. Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna Hamilton, and company navigate their way through the trials and tribulations of being a teenager with such authenticity that sometimes I find myself empathetic, mostly embarrassed, for their onscreen personas. In honor of Rickard's 24th birthday next week, we're taking a look back at 24 Awkward. moments that made us as viewers feel very, well, awkward.

Source: MTV [1]

When Jenna's Surprise Party Is More About Her Cheating on Matty and Less About Her Birthday

Source: MTV [2]

When Val Scorns Students For Having Nuts in Their Mouths

Source: MTV [3]

When Tamara Divulges Her Bath Buddies

Source: MTV [4]

When Jenna Catches Her Parents Getting Frisky

Source: MTV [5]

When Val Does This While Saying "Huge Va-jay-jay"

Source: MTV [6]

When Matty Falls Asleep Midhookup With Sadie

Source: MTV [7]

When Tamara Does This in Front of the Whole School

Source: MTV [8]

When Mr. Hamilton Crashes Jenna's Hot-Tub Session

Source: MTV [9]

When Tamara Begs to Leave Sadie a Present

Source: MTV [10]

When Val Advises Jenna to Be a Freak in the Sheets

Source: MTV [11]

When Matty Reveals Ricky's Thirst For Life

Source: MTV [12]

When Sadie Gives Seating Assignments on the Bus

Source: MTV [13]

When Operation Save Val Turns Into . . .

Source: MTV [14]

When Tamara Goes All Xena Warrior Princess on Collin

Source: MTV [15]

When Val Shares Her Rather Detailed Downfall

Source: MTV [16]

When Matty and Jake Dance Like This . . .

Source: MTV [17]

When Jenna Tells Matty . . .

Source: MTV [18]

When Tamara Fully Molests Niall in Her Mind — and Out Loud

Source: MTV [19]

When Matty Is Accosted by an Adoring Fan

Source: MTV [20]

When Val Boasts About Her Expertise

Source: MTV [21]

When Tamara Bids Farewell to Ricky

Source: MTV [22]

When Matty Does His Signature Armpit Sniff

Source: MTV [23]

When Val Discusses "Sexy Feelings" With High School Boys

Source: MTV [24]

When Matty and Jake Simultaneously Realize They Both Love Jenna

Source: MTV [25]

And That Concludes Our Most Awkward Awkward Moments

Source: MTV [26]

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