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Bad Idea of the Week: "The Baby Borrowers"

Bad Idea of the Week: "The Baby Borrowers"

Some ideas are so jaw-droppingly bad, they make fun of themselves, and this new reality show from NBC is one of them. Called "The Baby Borrowers" and based on a BBC series of the same name, the premise involves five teenage couples being made to take care of babies, toddlers, pre-teens, and aging grandparents over the course of a month. I can't possibly be funnier than NBC's own press release, so here are excerpts:

As the five young participating couples are asked to literally grow up overnight, their journey begins when they are given a quiet suburban home and attend pre-natal classes as the "mother" wears a simulated "empathy" belly to prepare them for the arrival of their "baby."

When a real one appears at their door — courtesy of five real mothers who each entrusts her infant to one of the five couples — the fumbling new teen parents are in for three long, arduous days that make chilling out a distant memory. They must stick to rigid routines (under supervision), handle the feeding chores, diaper duty and crying jags that might be shared by both baby and teens.

Five real mothers are going to give their babies to some teenage fools surrounded by video cameras for three days? That sounds like a surefire way to irrevocably screw up your child. Could you imagine showing your son or daughter that video later? "Look, honey! That's when your fake mommy put Sprite in your bottle!"

There's a lot more, so

Back to the press release:

After the first three days, the late-teen couples will bid bye-bye to the baby and will receive a toddler as their fast-forward adult life progresses. As a result, they will have to cope with the "Terrible Twos," pouty tantrums and other messes for three more days. One of the couples will have to care for two siblings while another will have to handle three — and all of the twosomes will be given family pets to add to their responsibilities.

Do you think the pets will be goldfish or, like, a pony? It looks like the BBC kids got stuck with a goat and a ferret.

And finally:

After the three days, the weary couples must now face the reality of parenting a sassy pre-teen — or "tweener" — thereby perhaps providing them with a mirror image of their own recent relationship with their own parents. To complete the cycle of life, the couples are graced with the opportunity to care for an elderly grandparent, who will represent what might be in store for them in the distant future.

Aside from all the legal and ethical issues here, apparently the moral is that life sucks. "Hey, kids! First you get fat and pregnant, then you deal with children who spit up and poop on everything and sass back to you. Isn't growing up great?" Yeesh.


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