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Best of the 2008 Super Bowl Commercials

2008 Super Bowl Commercials: My Five Favorites

The commercials that aired during this year's Super Bowl were pretty hit-or-miss, but the ones that "hit" really made me laugh or, in the case of the Wall-E spot, made me grow a little misty-eyed. After the jump, check out my five favorite Super Bowl spots — from talking stains to talking babies — and tell me which ones you liked as well. To check them out,


Bud Light: Ability to Breathe Fire

I have rarely been a fan of Bud Light commercials in the past, but some of their Super Bowl spots this year were pretty funny. I laughed out loud when I first saw this guy sneeze fire, which is just a hilarious concept.

Etrade: Bobo the Clown

Yeah, talking babies, when done poorly, are creepy and just wrong. Something about this little guy's adultish nuances and average Joe chatter just cracks me up, though. And this Bobo the Clown spot is infinitely funnier than the other E-Trade baby one in which he ends up puking. That's just gross.

Coca-Cola: Coke Floats

Get it? "Coke floats"? I love these silly, whimsical Coca-Cola ads. Not only is this a funny concept, but it's beautifully made. Also, Charlie Brown wins! It's so satisfying.

Tide: Talking Stain

Not only does a shirt stain talk in this Tide commercial, it shrieks in another language. Awesome. Also, the stain babble could be your new ringtone, which is just wonderfully absurd.

Wall-E Trailer

OK, first off, this trailer has Toy Story's Woody and Buzz Lightyear debating the virtues of Wall-E ("I hear he even goes to infinity." "But not beyond.") while tucking into a gigantic bowl of popcorn. Then there's Wall-E himself, making friends with a vacuum cleaner, accidentally sucking up a cricket, and then making a mess trying to save his little buddy. What's that? Crying? Me? No, no, it's just onions. Onions. Right.

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