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54 American Horror Story Lines You Can Use in Real Life

Aug 19 2016 - 9:30am

American Horror Story [1] might be one of the most twisted shows around, but it also has some of the most clever dialogue on television. Now that American Horror Story: Hotel [2] has come to an end, we're finding ways to tide ourselves over until the next season arrives. We're taking a look at the show's most-quotable moments — and how they might apply to your own real-life situations.

When You Get Room Service and It Gets Everywhere

When the Concession Stand Cashier Asks If You Want to Make That a Large Popcorn For 25 Cents

When the In-N-Out Employee Asks If You Want That "Animal Style"

When Your Vampire Girlfriend Finds a Hotter, Younger Vampire to Play With

When Someone's Boy Has a Jawline For Days

When Your Friend Gets Two Beyoncé Tickets and They Don't Invite You Right Away

When Your Bestie Comes Over After a 12-Hour Work Day

When Your Friend Admits to Binge-Eating a Whole Pizza While Drunk

When You Cross the Street Before the Light Turns Green

When Bae Wants to Go Out and Get Wasted But You're Tired

When Someone Spills Red Wine on Your Enemy's White Carpet

When You're Clearly Insane

Whenever You're in a Fight With Anyone Ever

When You're Surrounded By Basics

Literally Every Single Time You Drink Tea

When You're Trying to Get Your Vampire Costume Together and the Fangs Are Out of Stock

When You Call Your Friend and They're Like, "I Was Just Thinking About You!"

When Everyone Can Just Die

When Anyone Says Something That Has Nothing to Do With You

When Your Boo Makes You Do a Couples' Costume on Halloween

When Someone's Being a Hater, and You Wish They Weren't

When Someone Steals One of Your French Fries

When Someone Thinks They Know You, and They're Wrong

When Someone Says Something That Resonates With You

When Someone Tries to Tell You What to Do

When Someone Thinks She's the Next Supreme

When You're Ready to Become the Next YouTube Sensation

When You Just Can't Accept Reality

When That B*tch Thought She'd Seen the Last of You

When Someone Makes You Grilled Cheese and It Sucks but You Don't Want to Offend Them

When Someone's a Stupid B*tch

When Someone's a Stupid Son of a B*tch

When Someone's an Ungrateful Little B*tch

When Someone's a B*tch, and You Will Eat Them

When You Go to Your Friend's House and Raid Their Pantry

When You've Been Dead Awhile, and You Get Resurrected, and You Need a Cigarette

When You Find a Clown on the Side of the Road

When Someone's Disrespectin' You

When You Think This Might Be Knotty Pine, but You Want to Be Sure

When You're the Wrong Witch to Mess With, and Someone Messes With You

When You're Honestly Just Wondering Where Your Treat Is

When You Accidentally Kill Your Friend's Boyfriend

When You Don't Like Someone

When Someone Clearly Won't Move On, and They Need To

When You're About to Get Burned at the Stake, and You Can Only Say One Word

When You Think You're Discreet, but You're Actually Not That Discreet

When Your Name Is Tate, and You're Dead, and You Meet a Hot Girl

When Your Frickin' Vagina Is Sweating

When You're Just Mad For Tartan

When You Don't Give a Sh*t

When You Like the Sound of That

When You Just Want Everyone to Rejoice

When You're as Dead as Disco

When You Can't Eat, and You Also Can't Sleep

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