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The Best Fictional Bands of All Time

These days it seems everyone on the Internet is drafting up lists left and right, so here's a super-duper fun one: the best fictional bands of all time! Based on readers' votes, Grūpthink has listed off the top 50-ish bands that don't really exist. Some of them are rather obscure, but the top 25 or so should be familiar. However, because this is based on readers' votes, the order can change at any time depending on how many new votes come in.

What do you think about this list? Agree? Disagree? Should Jem be way further up the list than No. 9? Time to weigh in, Buzz readers.

The Best Fictional Bands of All Time

  1. Gorillaz
  2. Blues Brothers
  3. Spinal Tap
  4. The Monkees
  5. Josie and the Pussycats
  6. Bleeding Gums Murphy (The Simpsons)
  7. Wyld Stallions (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)
  8. The Soggy Bottoms (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
  9. Jem and the Holograms
  10. The Wonders
  11. For the rest of the current top 25,

  12. Autobahn (The Big Lebowski)
  13. The Beets (Doug)
  14. The Be Sharps (The Simpsons)
  15. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (The Muppet Show)
  16. Prozzak
  17. Eddie and the Cruisers
  18. Fingerbang (South Park)
  19. GWAR
  20. The Banana Splits
  21. Three Times One Minus One (Mr. Show)
  22. Barry Jive & The Uptown Five (High Fidelity)
  23. Mitch & Mickey (A Mighty Wind)
  24. Faith Plus One (South Park)
  25. Zack Attack! (Saved By the Bell)
  26. CB4


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