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45 Times The Notebook Turned You Into an Emotional Mess

Aug 12 2016 - 5:00pm

It's been over a decade since The Notebook [1] hit theaters back in 2004, but Noah and Allie's heartwarming, heartwrenching love story still leaves us reeling. With Summer love and soul mates and a complicated love triangle, the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's book triggered all kinds of feelings — and an even bigger crush on Gosling [2], of course (which almost didn't happen [3]!). Even now, 12 years later, the movie's most quotable moments can make us tear up, so take a look back at 45 times The Notebook touched your heart. Because, as Noah said, it still isn't over!

When Noah Steals Allie From Another Guy

Love at first sight?

When He Risks His Life to Get a Date With Her

They're both so stubborn and it's so good.

When Noah Does the Cutest Little Jig You've Ever Seen

You're already perfect, Noah. NEVER CHANGE.

When He's So Straightforward It Hurts

We're drawn to you, too.

When Noah Gives Allie a Look That Says It All

Cue the weakened knees.

When He Smirks His Way Through Their Movie Date

He loves her he loves her he loves her!

When Noah Gets Sweetly Embarrassed

Best first date ever?

When Noah Asks Allie to Dance in the Street

When They Can't Keep Their Eyes Off Each Other

Can you blame her?

When Noah Drops Some Real Talk

He's cute and funny.

When He Kisses Her Up Against the House

Yes. Just . . . yes.

When They Just Keep On Making Out


When Allie Licks Ice Cream Off Noah's Face and He's So Cute

It's just too much.

When They Fight and Kiss at the Same Time

They say there's a fine line between love and hate, right?

When Noah Laughs and Ohmygod That Smile

This guy . . .

When They Argue and Love and Hate Each Other

They're up, they're down, and it's awesome.

When Noah Insists She Get in the Water

Shirtless [4] Noah for the WIN.

When Allie Runs and Jumps Into Noah's Arms

Note to self: try this.

When He Drops the "L" Bomb

Heart = stopped.

When He Holds Her Face as He Kisses Her

The sweetest.

When She's a Bird and He's a Bird

We're all birds.

When Noah Scrunches Up His Nose in the Cutest Way

When They Cannot, Will Not Say Goodbye

These two . . .

When Allie Pleads With Noah


When He Plays the Soul-Mate Card

Ugh, she's the luckiest.

When Older Allie Listens to the Love Story and Doesn't Know It's Hers

So. Many. Feelings.

When It's Years Later and Noah's Alone in the House He Built For Allie

Could he be more romantic?

When Allie Comes Back and She's Engaged


When Allie's Engagement Drives Her to Drink


When Noah Rows Allie Through a Wonderland

Slightly scared of all the birds but also really incredible?

When Allie Is All Glowy and in Love and You Are Too


When Allie Finally Cracks and Says She Waited For Him

Yes! Yes!

When Noah Says It Wasn't Over


When They're All Wet From the Rain and Making Out

Holy hot.

When Allie Wakes Up to Flowers on Her Pillow

If we didn't love her, we'd hate her.

When Noah Gives Allie an Ultimatum

Don't leave, Allie! Don't leave!

When Noah Is Angry and Romantic at the Same Time

He's so hot when he's mad . . .

When He's Just Begging Her and Begging Her

SERIOUSLY, Allie, what do you WANT?

When Allie Realizes She Has to Choose

To be fair, Ryan Gosling [5] vs. James Marsden is a brutal decision, but c'mon.

When Allie Sobs Her Eyes Out and You Do Too

The suspense . . .

When Allie Chooses Noah and Runs Into His Arms


When Older Noah Tells Their CHILDREN That Allie Is His Home

Wait a minute, whoa, pass the tissues.

When Allie Remembers Everything and YOU FEEL EVERYTHING

No seriously, WHERE are the tissues?!

When Noah Says Their Love Can Take Them Away Together


When They Fall Asleep and Pass Away Holding Hands

It's official: there's no love like Noah and Allie's love, because it is MAGICAL.


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