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Best of 2011: Movies, Shows, and Stars We Loved

With 2011 coming to a close, we've been thinking about all of our favorites from another year gone by. In the latest episode of The Buzz, find out which movies, TV shows, and breakout stars stood out from all the rest this year and be sure to let us know if you agree with our picks!

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Hi, we're Becky Kirsch and Shanna Russel from Buzz Sugar. Now that the year is coming to a close, we're ready to share our 2011 favorites from the entertainment world in this episode of The Buzz. Let's start with favorite movie. I feel like I saw so many great movies this year but the one I really fell in love with was Beginners. It was a smaller film starring Ewan McGregor and it's about a man who loses his father and falls in love while he's grieving. People like us, half of them think things will never work out, the other half believe in magic. The acting was just fantastic in this one and I cried like the entire time. I didn't see that one, but now that you liked it so much, I think I'm gonna have to add it to my Netflix queue. So what were yours, Becky? For me, it's a tossup between Drive and Moneyball. I knew I was going to love Moneyball cause I'm such a big baseball fan, and you know you've got Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane, the general manager of the A's, and trying to get his team to win the World Series, that whole thing. And I really loved it, but if I'm being honest, my favorite movie of the year was Drive,which is the Ryan Gosling movie where he's playing the stunt driver that kind of gets involved in a mess, so to speak. Even though it was really violent, I loved it. I loved the style of it, and I just thought it was really awesome. I don't carry a gun. I drive. Plus Gosling looked fantastic in it, as usual. How about favorite TV show? For me, I think I've got to give it to Breaking Bad. I think a lot of my old favorite shows are starting to get a little stale, but Breaking Bad is the exception here. It had another standout season, it just seems like it keeps getting better and better. It had me on edge the whole entire time and I kind of wish the 13 episode season could last a lot longer. I want security for my family. We'll have to give it up to you, because I actually starting watching Breaking Bad with the first season this year because you spoke so highly of it, but for me, my favorite TV show of 2011 was all about comedy. It's Parks and Recreation and this season was so funny but there was also a really sweet love story with Leslie and Ben. This is how I feel. How do you feel? It also gave us one of our favorite catch phrases of the year: Treat yourself 2011. Treat yourself 2011. It's the best day of the year. The best day of the year. Lastly, let's talk about favorite breakout star. Mine this year was definitely Michael Fassbender. I noticed him back in 2009 in Inglorious Basterds, but in 2011, he was everywhere. He showed a lot of range this year. He was a super hero in X-Men. He was in Jane Eyre, and A Dangerous Method, and he's also wrapping up the year in Shame where he's showing a lot of skin, but also giving us an amazing performance. This was also the year that we saw Michael Fassbender's fassbender. It was indeed, and not only is he ridiculously good looking, he's also really talented, and I think we're going to be hearing his name a lot this awards season. For me, I have to give it to Melissa McCarthy. I felt like she really proved how funny women can be this year, especially with her role in Bridesmaids. She stole every scene that she was in and I felt like people really took notice of her, even though she's been around for a long time. I know people loved her on Gilmore Girls. But this was the year that her name was everywhere. She got the cover of Entertainment Weekly. She got the Emmy. She was hosting SNL. I just think she's on the up and up. Yeah, this is like the year that the world met Melissa McCarthy. I'm not an Air Marshall. There's no, you don't need to take a watch. OK. I've got the first watch. That was tough because there was so much great stuff this year. Well, thanks for watching The Buzz, and be sure to catch more episodes in 2012. Bye.

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LaraP LaraP 4 years
Okay The Buzz, I have to say I agree with 'Beginners' as one of the best of 2011, movie-wise. Glad to see others recommending it. But 'Drive,' 'Drive,' 'Drive' - THE greatest movie of the year. Unreal, and yes, terribly violent, but stylish and awesome! Honorable mention to the Gos for showing abs in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' too :) Thought you guys might like this list of the best movies of 2011 - your picks are definitely on there! Happy New Year to you both!
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