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Phil Dunphy's Most Hilarious "Cool Dad" Moments

Aug 22 2016 - 9:00am

For the past seven years, Ty Burrell has flawlessly portrayed the goofy, doting, self-professed "cool dad" Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, a role that has earned him both an Emmy and a SAG Award. We're celebrating the actor's birthday (and his most recent Emmy nomination [1]) with a hilarious roundup of Phil Dunphy's best Modern Family dad moments!

That Time He Gave Awesome Life Advice

And Even More Awesome Reverse Life Advice

When He Proved His Harry Potter Expertise

And Showcased His Taste in Movies

The Time He Got Alex Ready For Her School Dance

The Time He Really Bonded With Luke

And the Time He Helped Haley Learn to Drive

When He Perfectly Read Into a Text

(OK, So He's Not Totally Clear on Text Acronyms)

After He Got an Eye Exam

After He Told a Touching Story About Luke's Birth

When He Busted Out His Best High School Musical Moves

And His Best Cheerleading Moves

When He Used Fairy Tales to Explain Underage Drinking

And Helped Luke Get a Date

When He Kept It Real

And When He Just Couldn't Keep It Together

That Time He Got Too Close to a Kangaroo

That Time He Predicted the Future

And, of Course, the Time He Told You He Was

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