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What's That Tune? The Songs That Ended These Memorable Series Finales

Apr 8 2014 - 2:14pm

We've dissected last week's How I Met Your Mother's series finale [1] for its inside jokes [2], but there's another aspect to talk about now: the music, specifically the final song that plays just before the credits roll. Like many other series that wrapped up before it, How I Met Your Mother closed up with a deliberately chosen tune that adds to its final impact. Remember Six Feet Under's use of "Breathe Me"? Relive all these finales through their signature series-ending songs.

Source: HBO [3]

How I Met Your Mother

Sex and the City

One Tree Hill

The Sopranos

The O.C.

Gossip Girl

Veronica Mars

Breaking Bad

Dawson's Creek

Six Feet Under

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