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Get a Jump on Summer Jams With This POPSUGAR Editor-Curated Playlist

Apr 29 2014 - 5:30am

With the warmer months ahead, we're all looking forward to blasting the boom box at just about any event that involves friends, sun, and a drink in our hands. To get in the Spring spirit and ready for Summer, we rounded up the songs POPSUGAR editors can't stop listening to. Of course, we all have unique musical tastes, and that's what makes this playlist perfect for your next beach, pool, or barbecue day. From pop to indie rock, nearly every genre is reflected in our picks. Keep scrolling to discover our favorite jams, and then check out the complete Spotify playlist at the bottom!

"West Coast" by Lana Del Rey

Just when Cedric Gervais's brilliant remix of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" was getting really old, the sultry songstress unleashed her new single, "West Coast." We'll be singing "Ooh baby, ooh baby, I'm in love" through the Summer. Although the tempo is tame, look out for a Gervais remix in the near future so Lana can get another dance-floor hit. — Nick Maslow, entertainment editorial assistant

"Fever Boy" by Femme

This song is what might happen if The Supremes kicked out Diana Ross and asked Santigold to take the mic instead. The shimmering burst of a chorus, all lo-fi '60s girl group, hooked me. Not to mention the fact that Femme's cotton-candy-haired Laura Bettinson is a true one-woman show; she writes, sings, and produces her own music and even directed this music video. — Lindsay Miller, entertainment editor

"Lost Queen" by Pharrell

I've been loving this song since G I R L came out, but I feel like his other songs, like "Happy" and "Marilyn Monroe," will still be getting the spotlight before people discover this gem. It's sexy, upbeat, and has a great beat, and I cannot stop playing it. — Shannon Vestal, TV and movies editor

"Stay With Me" by Sam Smith

I've had this song on repeat the last few days. I recently moved to San Francisco; when you live here, you can't help but want to focus on finding a partner to love. It's totally a stare-out-the-window-and-dream-about-Prince-Charming kind of song. I think we could call this perfect Tinder music. — Matthew Rodrigues, POPSUGAR Now anchor

"Fancy" (Explicit) by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX

I am REALLY surprised by how much I love this song right now. I heard it for the first time during a really tough SoulCycle class a few weeks back, and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since. There is just something really gripping about that hot, slow beat. — Lizzie Fuhr, assistant fitness editor

"Burning Gold" by Christina Perri

If you loved Sara Bareilles's "Brave" and Katy Perry [1]'s "Roar," prepare to get hooked on a superior melody. With its soaring chorus and message of personal transformation, I play this to either get in a good mood or keep my positive mindset going. If it's released as a single, you just might hear this on the radio 24/7, so keep your fingers off that repeat button. — Nick Maslow, entertainment editorial assistant

"Digital Witness" by St. Vincent

If you like indie rock with a pinch of punk, you'll love St. Vincent. She may sound like a Disney princess, but she injects her music with enough attitude to give her an edge. If you need me, I'll be adding her to all my Summer and workout playlists. — Ryan Roschke, entertainment editorial assistant

"Chandelier" by Sia

I’ve always been a big Sia fan, and her latest song is totally infectious and perfect for blasting on a sunny day (or while getting ready to go out on a warm night).— Britt Stephens, assistant entertainment editor

"Sounds of Summer" by Dierks Bentley

I've been listening to Dierks Bentley's latest album, Riser, on repeat, and I especially love "Sounds of Summer." Dierks has a knack for taking you somewhere — a time, a season, a feeling — with his songs, and this one just, well, "makes you wanna drop it down a gear and kill a couple of beers." — Tara Block, associate love and sex editor

"Harlem" by Cathedrals

I can't stop listening to the song "Harlem" by Cathedrals. The electro-pop sound is perfect for those warm Summer nights you spend just hanging around with your best friends, enjoying wine and loving the good life. — Aemilia Madden, social media editorial assistant

"Feather Tongue" by Lyla Foy

I love the dreamy feel of this song from newcomer Lyla Foy, whose voice sounds like a mix between Lykke Li and Kate Bush. This tune is relaxed enough to be the perfect Summer chill-out song but also has enough of a pop influence to get you to bust out a move or two. It will definitely be on my playlist for rooftop barbecues and road trips to the beach. — Maria Mercedes Lara, associate entertainment editor

"Mr. Little Jeans" by Mercy

Check out my perfect Summer song. I can already see my friends and I listening to this song on repeat driving to Venice Beach with the top down to lay out and go surfing. That muffled '60s filter reminds me of Best Coast, but better. — Allison McNamara, fashion reporter and producer

"Far Alone" by G-Eazy featuring Jay Ant

Look, I'm not saying it's the best rap in the world, but it's catchy, and it works perfectly with my stride on the treadmill. Plus every time the lyrics go, "But now I'm here, b*tch," I LOL. — Maggie Pehanick, assistant entertainment editor

"Reflections" by MisterWives

It always pumps me up when I'm on a run. I could see myself blasting it while driving with the top down or at a beach day/picnic. The song gets superfun about 45 seconds in. — Stacy Hersher, assistant managing editor

"Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who

I found this insanely infectious song when iTunes featured it as the single of the week. Intrigued by Betty's colorful look, I gave the song a listen. It's not free anymore, but if you love synth-heavy '80s throwbacks, trust me — it's well worth $1.29. — Nick Maslow, entertainment editorial assistant

"California (Cast Iron Soul)" by Jamestown Revival

This folky duo will provide the perfect soundtrack to all my Summer road trips. Their song "California" makes me want to stock the cooler, slip into a sundress, jump into the car, and hightail it to the beach. — Grace Hitchcock, audience development associate

"Jealous" by Chromeo

Chromeo wins when it comes to upbeat pop sounds that make you want to dance, and yet somehow they don't feel cheesy. I know this song will be on my Summer barbecue playlist for all my impromptu dance-party needs. — Lizzie Fuhr, assistant fitness editor

"Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)" by Banks

This is such a sexy song! I love her soulful voice. The original is really great as well, but the remix picks it up a notch. — Stephanie Wong, editorial development assistant

"Fifteen (Oxford Remix)" by Goldroom featuring Chela

I just discovered this song yesterday while browsing related artists to RAC on Spotify. I love how catchy and upbeat the remix is. It's the perfect tune to transition you into warm weather and outdoor adventures. — Stephanie Wong, editorial development assistant

"Red Eyes" by The War on Drugs

This is the kind of song you might plan entire road trip around; it just sounds like an ode to Americana with its layers of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Neil Young. The perfect backdrop for a dreamy Summer afternoon spent driving down deserted highways, on your way to nowhere in particular. — Lindsay Miller, entertainment editor

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