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Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes (Video)

Video: Top 5 Favorite Thanksgiving TV Episodes!

Excited for Thanksgiving? We're here to help put you in the holiday spirit with our top five Thanksgiving TV episodes of all time! From a sweet episode of Full House to Monica's memorable turkey gag on Friends, check out some of our favorite moments over the years in today's special episode of The Buzz With Becky and Shannon.

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Hi. We're Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal from Buzz Sugar and on today's episode of the Buzz we're counting down some of our favorite Thanksgiving TV episodes. Thanksgiving's almost here, which means some of our favorite TV shows are going to be rolling out Thanksgiving themed episodes. I really loved these kind of episodes because it's not a holiday that gets a lot of TV love. You see a lot of Halloween episodes and a lot of Christmas episodes but the Thanksgiving ones are more of a rare treat. Yeah. And I think it's awesome because you get to see your favorite TV family celebrating the holiday and for those non-family shows, you get to see with friends and family and I love that. So, let's hear some of our favorite episodes. So, how are we going to go to four Thanksgiving dinners? It's not four, is it? Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite show and I love this episode. Lorelai and Rory are running all over town because they have commitments everywhere. They have to get to Luke's diner. They have to go to Lane's house. They have to go to Sookie's house. They have to go to their grandparents house and I just love it. Doesn't' that episode also star a young Adam Brody? It does indeed. He plays Dave, who is one of Lane's love interests. You don't want to go on a date with me. Ialso love this episode because the Gilmore Girls were totally known for how much they could eat and they really outdo themselves in this. What are we if not world champion eaters? Okay, it's quiz time. How is Thanksgiving going to be? Super great! Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Well, Biel and all as a child. Well, I'll always remember the first Thanksgiving episode from the first season. Right, and the episode is really emotional because it's the first Thanksgiving that they celebrate without their mom. Yeah, so the guys, like, all try to band together in order to make it right for the girls, but they totally mess up the turkey. It comes out all black, and it's like really sad. It's sad, but it's cute. I mean, it's not that heavy because it's a sitcom. I know. I mean, it's "Full House," there's the happy message at the end, too. CJ, Mom knew Thanksgiving wasn't about turkeys. It's about family and about being thankful for what we have. Ted Mosbey. Robin Shibatsky, I bequeath unto you the fourth slap. Wait, what? One of my favorite things on "How I Met Your Mother" is the Flatbed and this Thanksgiving episode brings it back. Bernie is about to get his fourth slap and he doesn't know when it's coming, so he's in agony in the entire episode. It also focuses on Lillian's Dad for the first time. And then he makes that delightfully weird game based on the Flatbed. A game that I would love to play, by the way. Me too, but only if it was with the cast of "How I Met Your Mother", on Thanksgiving and then maybe we could be in the episode. Yeah, and maybe we could slap each other. This is the best Thanksgiving ever! Why wait for this event, every year, Mom, please! Thanksgiving is my favorite, it's my favorite holiday. Everyone knows this. Adam Brody's already appeared once on this list, but this time he's back for "The O.C." I love Seth Cohen. Me too, and this is such an iconic Thanksgiving episode because Seth Cohen becomes kind of a ladies man. He has everyone over for the holiday. He's got Summer in one room, Anna in the other, and it just kicks off this whole crazy love triangle. Summer? Anna? Seth! Totally awkward. Which is totally believable for me because I had a huge crush on Seth and he's still one of my huge TV crushes. Me too. I was so jealous. I wish I could have been invited to that Thanksgiving. Me too. I always knew you were a late bloomer sweetie. Only one more pick to go. So for our number one Thanksgiving episode pick of all time we had to go with Friends. Hi. Hi Rachel. Happy Thanksgiving. You too sweetheart. Hey. Becky and I are huge "Friends" fans and it was really hard to narrow it down to one Thanksgiving episode, but we did it. And we chose the one with all the Thanksgivings, or better known as the one where Monica puts a turkey on her head. If you remember, this is one where you see flashbacks of all the friends in their old Thanksgivings, like Chandler when he's a kid and Phoebe in the 1800s when her arm keeps getting blown off. Oh, no! And obviously my favorite moment is when Monica has that turkey on her head cause she's trying to make Chandler feel better because she cut off his toe years earlier. And he also tells her right and that he loves her for the first time. You are so great I love you. It's one of the funniest and sweetest moments in "Friends" history. And there you have it. Shannon and I told you about some of our favorite Thanksgiving episodes, but tell us which one is your number one of all time. Have a happy Thanksgiving and thanks for watching The Buzz. Bye!

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Amy3145567 Amy3145567 3 years
omg what a surge of nostalgia!! These are all great picks - I want to get on netflix and watch these all again!
adambrodyrocks adambrodyrocks 4 years
The oc is number one , then GG, Adam Brody FTW
Katie-Henry Katie-Henry 4 years
OC ranks #1 for me. Simply put: Ben McKenzie & Adam Brody FTW!!!
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