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Best and Worst Fall TV Series of 2011 (Video)

Video: The Biggest Hits and Misses of Fall TV!

It's time to check in on all the Fall TV shows! Now that we're several episodes in, BuzzSugar's Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are here to dish on their midseason report card. Are New Girl and Revenge staying strong or falling flat after hot premieres? Check out who wins the honor of being Shannon and Becky's new favorite series and guess which beloved returning show they think is way past its prime? Their answers may surprise you! Watch to find out.

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Hi, Rebecca Kirsch and Shannon Vestal from Buzz Sugar, and we're talking about Fall TV, and which shows are still worth watching. After watching this years pilots Becky and I had a few shows that were are new favorites but now that weve seen a few more episodes were gonna tell you what were still watching in a section we like to call "into it, or over it". Becky at the beginning of the season, you told me your new favorite show was Revenge, so I want to know if you're still watching it. I am still watching it. It kind of got off to a slow start, but the last few episodes have been really good. I'm loving that they're playing up the love triangle, and it seems like they pack so much into every episode, so even if some of the dialogue is a little bit cheesy, I am definitely still hooked. I came to apologize for sleeping with my husband, for blackmailing us. Honestly. I also really liked this pilot. But, I didn't think it was going to be worth my time, so I stopped watching. But now that you're saying you liked it so much, I think I'm going to pick it up. girls was one of my favorite comedy pilots this year so Ive been watching every week to see if it was going to stay just as clever but unfortunately it hasn't. Their doing the same jokes every episode So theres a lot of racial stereotypes and Kat character Max just comes off as somebody whos totally shrill and just a negative personality all around. So its actually losing I love this place. It looks like Paris in the '20s. More like posers in their twenties. Yeah, I'm in the same boat, I thought the pilot had so much promise. But the more I watch of it the less I want to see. Every episode is kind of predictable, it's the same jokes over again, so I am over this one. I didn't like the pilot for New Girl because I thought Zoey Deschannel but I gave it another chance, and I'm really glad I did. The more I More I see of it the more I like it and Im really excited that Justin Long is gonna come in for November sweeps to finally give Jess a love interest. Who let the dirty slut out of the slut house? On the other hand, totally loved that pilot, I was really excited about it. I think it's gotten funnier, I think it's finding it's groove. And I'm actually more into two of the dudes on the show. Jake Johnson and and Max Greenfield more then I am Joey. What about the third guy? Eh. What? My hands down, new favorite show this season is Up All Night. The show is just really funny. And I'm glad that every episode doesn't revolve around the baby. And it's also found a really great chemistry between Will Arnet, Christina Applegate and Mia Rudolf, I'm just loving it. Uh oh. What's this? This one is Child's day off. Yeah, I'm still watching it. And I think it's amusing, but it's just not laugh out loud funny for me. So it's hard for me to find a reason to keep it in my DVR, so even if I'm not totally over it, I am almost there. And now a moment of silence for the new shows that have already been cancelled in their first season. So many shows we hardly knew that we're not really sad to see any of them go. Now let's talk about some shows that we do like. Our returning favorites that we think have gotten even better, like the "Vampire Diaries" which I think is the most improved show of the season. They're not talking so much about the originals, they're going back to their roots in high school which I am loving. We're about to be seniors. These are the memories that will stay with us forever. And you haven't even mentioned the one thing that makes me really excited about Vampire Diaries this season, which is Klaus. He's like the new bad boy on the show, plus he's really hot. You are supposed to be dead. What are we going to do about that? So if we're talking about shows that we think are really improved since last season, I have to go with The Office. I was really worried that with the loss of Steve Carell, the show wasn't going to be worth watching at all. But Ed Helms as the new manager has kind of surprised me. I think hes really funny, I think he has a sweet personality and Im kind of revitalized by it. You all have been doing amazing work, really. Thank you. And I'd like to add that your work has been a little sloppy. So. Yeah, I agree that The Office is definitely having more hits then misses, and it is better then it was last season, but I think they tried to give Andy a little bit of Michael Scott's personality and even though I'm kind of liking it, in the long run, I'm still kinda worried about this show. Unfortunately not all shows have gotten better this season, and for the show that most deserves to be put out of its misery, Shannon and I are nominating Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl. Yes. Definitely. I think this show dead. I don't know if it was the transition of the characters after high school. College wasn't really working. And now they have all these really unrealistic careers. I just think they're done. Yeah, I'm just over the whole entire thing. They're still supposed to be in college? I don't think any of them even talk about college. No one's studying. There's just really only one reason towatch . Which is Dan and Blair. Take me there. Okay. I want them to get together but the writers are kind of doing the slow burn thing. They never do that with any other story line and I'm feeling like there about to lose me, they better get those characters together soon, cause I'm gonna drop the show if not. thumbs up to revenge Up All Night and New Girl. But, we're pretty much over Two Broke Girls. As for returning shows we're loving The Office and The Vampire Diaries but we're totally done with Gossip Girl. Let us know what you're watching on fall TV though. And thanks for tuning in. Bye! Bye!

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