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24 Signs Bill and Sookie Would Always End Up Together

Aug 20 2014 - 12:30pm

It's almost the end on True Blood [1] — not just for Hep-V-infected Bill, but for the series itself, and the show is tying up loose ends in the last few episodes. Though Bill is refusing to take the cure and be with Sookie, we kind of think the finale will figure out a way for them to be together, because their fate has been so clear from the beginning. Sookie may have drifted to Eric, Alcide, and others in the past, but Bill is the man who's always been "the one." Not so sure? Here are all the signs these two were meant to be. Bonus: this week marks Anna Paquin [2] and Stephen Moyer [3]'s real-life anniversary!

It's pretty much love at first sight.

When Bill walks into Merlotte's and Sookie sees him — before any saving, blood drinking, trickery, or anything — there's just this.

Bill is her gateway into everything supernatural.

She doesn't discover she's fae for a while and doesn't associate with any other supernaturals (that she knows of) until Bill.

Bill makes sacrifices for her from the beginning.

Whatever his motives prove to be later, Bill is gentle and sweet with the innocent Sookie.

And then he saves her from the Rattrays.

OK, so we'd find out later that Bill set up this attack so that Sookie would have to drink his blood and form a bond with him, but it's clear that Bill is genuinely falling for her already.

A pattern of Bill saving Sookie is triggered

Bill also makes a huge sacrifice when he kills a vampire, Longshadow, who is threatening Sookie; this sets off a series of events that lead to Bill turning Jessica.

To keep Sookie safe, Bill claims Sookie as "his."

It's meant as a vampire thing, but we know it's also totally a human thing of being into each other.

The relationship that forms is more than just sexual.

It's love.

But it's still very sexual.

The passion of these two pushes boundaries; it's tender and rough at the same time (and occasionally, blood is drawn).

Sookie admits something big, and Bill committs a major act of revenge for her.

After Bill and Sookie first sleep together, she confesses that her Uncle Bartlett had molested her as a child. Angered, Bill murders him for Sookie's sake.

They're totally head over heels for each other in season one.

Remember how cute they were?!

They're so in love, they dance like this!

When does anyone on this show have a moment like this anymore?

And then Bill proposes in a sweetly perfect and traditional fashion.

Too bad Sookie doesn't get to say yes, because Bill gets kidnapped right after he asks. But still! It's a rare act of conventional romance.

They're the only couple who makes love on this show.

Sorry for using the term "make love," but think about it; this is pretty much the only couple on this show that's had this much committed-relationship sex.

Bill only breaks Sookie's heart to keep her safe from Lorena.

Remember Lorena? Bill and Sookie's big breakup in season three comes when Lorena is relentlessly trying to kill Sookie. Sookie agrees to the breakup when Bill nearly kills her by draining her blood shortly thereafter.

But they get back together.

They find their way back together then, the way they've found their way back to each other now.

They only break up for good over something BIG.

When Sookie finds Bill's file on her family, that he knew she was faerie, and he staged the Rattray attack. It's a lot.

Bill always regretted what he'd done and tried to make it right.

This is why he goes after Queen Sophie-Anne and tries to kill her; he had vowed to kill anyone who knows Sookie is a faerie.

Bill renounces Sookie, eventually, because she hurts him.

You know what they say; there's a thin line between love and hate.

But they never stop thinking about each other.

Even though they spend quite a bit of time apart, they never really move on in other relationships.

Bill never falls in love with anyone else.

When he does see other people, like Portia, it's only for sex. Remember how he tells her honestly, "I could never love you"?

Bill's only real romantic competition is Eric, and you know how that goes.

These two are scorching hot together [4], but when Eric and Sookie do get together, it's when Eric is basically brainwashed. He's not the real Eric, and it's not a real relationship, either.

Things are always off with Alcide.

Sookie tries earnestly to have a normal life with Alcide, and after he dies, what she says is right; he loved her more than she loved him.

Then, this season gives us little tidbits to remind us of the old Sookie and Bill.

Like when they drink each others' blood . . . even though it leads to Bill contracting Hep V.

Sookie and Bill forever!

Well, if he gets his hands on that pesky cure.

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