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Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

Book Review: The Time Traveler's Wife

Though having completed "only one" novel, Audrey Niffenegger has achieved with The Time Traveler's Wife what many veteran authors have not even achieved through a collection of works: a solid, thorough, well-researched, and gorgeously told love story. She weaves the lives of Henry and Claire, a couple destined to be together throughout their entire lives, as Henry, due to a genetic quirk, defeats the confines of time and space, shuttling back and forth between his past and present. The concept is not easy to sum up quickly, but once the reader understands what Henry does, it is impossible to doubt that this is a reality. Niffenegger tells the tale from both Henry's and Claire's perspectives, and her writing is rich and vivid, poetic and visceral. The lovers' experience is ethereal and other-worldly, yet the characters themselves are achingly human and emotional creatures with whom you find yourself feeling a kinship. If you are looking for fluff, this isn't your book. But if want a love story that is both identifiable and larger-than-life, you will be changed after reading this work.

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