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Breaking Dawn Video Movie Review

Watch, Pass, or Rent Video Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn breaks into theaters this weekend, but before you pay for a ticket, you may want to check out what our editors have to say about the latest Twilight film. Is it worth it to see Bella and Edward's wedding, honeymoon, and complicated pregnancy? Just watch.

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In Watch, Pass or Rent, we're looking at Breaking Dawn Part 1. Edward and Bella get hitched and got on their honeymoon in the latest installment of the Twilight Series, but when Bella gets pregnant, things take a dark turn. To love. To cherish, as long as we both shall live. It's so fun to see Edward and Bella get married and the wedding and the honeymoon are so elaborate and so beautiful and it's really satisfying to finally get to see these characters seal the deal. But for me, the wedding and the honeymoon are really the only highlights. This is totally unnecessary. I'm nothing, if not traditional. Twilight fans may think of Edward and Bella's romance as the greatest love story of all time, but this movie was sort of more like a horror film. No. We'll give up before you can deliver. Bella's pregnancy complications are really disturbing. Her birth scene is very graphic and I just found myself wanting to look away a lot. Bella. I actually thought that the birthday scene was great. I liked that they really pushed the limit to the PG-13 rating. It was totally gross and gory, but kind of awesome and it lived up to the hype, even if the sexing didn't. This was actually Kristen Stewart's strongest performance, but unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for the wolf pack. Their scenes together were totally over dramatic and a little silly. Moving up to the movie, I was really excited by all the clips and trailers and new pictures that kept coming out, but then when I saw the movie, I feel like I already had seen all of the best stuff. Ultimately, I was kind of bored. Twilight fans will definitely want to watch this one, but I was disappointed, so for everyone else I say pass. I felt the same thing, pass. If your not a twilight fan, and it kills me to say this, it's a pass

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