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Brothers and Sisters Post-Off: The Justin and Rebecca Situation

There's no denying that Brothers and Sisters' Justin and Rebecca would make a cute couple — except for that thing where they're, well, brother and sister. Or are they? B and S has spent much of this Spring wading into issues of questionable paternity, sexual tension, and generally icky situations between the youngest Walker and the girl we've always thought was his half-sister. And now, after a couple of episodes where the Justin/Rebecca tension hit an all-time high, I'm wondering how you're all feeling. I don't want to get too spoiler-y up here, so to see my take and add your thoughts in the comments, just


Watching Rebecca lie to Justin and say she was still a Walker, and then relent and admit that she's not, was all wildly uncomfortable for me. And that seems like it would undo whatever good could be done by having Rebecca and Justin not be family after all. I just can't see any reason to de-Walkerize Rebecca besides getting her and Justin to date — but if seeing them together (holding hands? kissing?) gives fans a squicky feeling in their stomachs, is that even a good thing? The acting from both Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp has been great, and I admit there's something interesting in giving Rebecca a family and then ripping it away. But still, there's now an undercurrent of "ew" running through every scene the two of them share together.

Is anyone else feeling uneasy about this plotline? Am I just being a prude? If the show continues in this direction, could you get used to seeing the two of them as a couple? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so post away!

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