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Video: Bryan Cranston Talks Colin Farrell: "He's Like a Rebellious Son"

Bryan Cranston came out for Total Recall at Comic-Con today, and we grabbed a few minutes with him to ask about the movie and playing opposite costars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale. Watch to hear him gush about the gorgeous leading ladies and to hear why Colin was like a "teenage, rebellious son" to him.

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Tell me why you wanted to take on this film in this role? There's two gorgeous ones. Oh, I know. Kate Beckinsale on this side. Jessica Biel will be here. This is the way it was working on the show. It was like "Oh wow beautiful! Oh wow gorgeous!" And even, you know, I got to tell you, and this is making me weird, but you look over and there's Collin Farrel, not too bad on the eyes right? Wouldn't you say? No. Good looking guy. And I'm thinking, "Well I know what they want me for." You know with me, with my my face, l look like a Shar-Pei. Who spent more time in the makeup chair? Me. I spent more time in the makeup chair. I had this big wig. I actually and they put this wig on me and then I had. And then, they have to lift up all the crevices in order to get make-up inside there but it was a fun time, we had a grand, grand time. Tell me a little about your character in the. Cohagen is a very wonderful guy. He's a sweet man. He's misunderstood by many people, but I don't quite know why. He knows that he could make the world a much better place if people would just do what he says. Why are so many people rebelling against the great ideas that I have? We could be a Utopian society if they would just behave themselves. Sorry if I'm getting a little upset, because that's how I feel. And young Colin Farrell was like a son to me, like a teenage rebellious son. And I had to slap him around a little bit and say, "Now, stop it, come home!" Did that relationship carry on, on set too, when the cameras weren't rolling? It did as well, and he would roll his eyes like, "Dad." He's a good dude. We had a good time. Well, with reboots coming out, reboot of this obviously the whole Spiderman franchise. Is there anything you would like to see rebooted? I'd like to see my car tire unbooted. That would be nice. You know what I would love to do? I would love to do one of those great ensemble movies like The Great Escape or The Dirty Dozen. I'd like to be one of, one of that group. And you're with that group for three months and you form those bonds and you form those, like aggressions you thrown at each other. It's like this horrible mix of guy power, guy energy. Women wouldn't want to be anywhere near this because it's like awful, but that would be fun. Dirty Dozen or The Great Escape.

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