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Buzz In: What Songs Do You Want to Hear on Glee?

Tonight we'll get to see a brand new episode of Glee, and word on the street is that the boys will be bringing it with a little Bon Jovi in a battle of the sexes contest. There's a reason that Glee is winning the favorite new Fall comedy poll, and a big part of that is the singing.

I look forward to the stirring performances in each episode, and they've already hit up some of my favorite songs, like "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Single Ladies." I'm already keeping a mental checklist of what bands and songs I'm ready for the cast to cover. What am I itching for? Some Madonna, some Beatles, some Rolling Stones; specifically I'd also love to hear "Total Eclipse of the Heart," "Sweet Home Alabama," and maybe a sampling of "Poker Face." What songs you want to hear the uber-talented kids (or the Acafellas) perform?

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Photos courtesy of Fox

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