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Buzz In: What TV Job Would You Want?

It occurred to me while watching the adorable CW show Privileged last night that the main character Megan has a pretty sweet gig. She's a tutor living in the lap of luxury in sunny Palm Beach who is in charge of ultimately getting two rich girls into college. I'm not sure I'd love to be a tutor to heiresses, but lately she's spending less time teaching and more time hanging out with cute guys . . . in the lap of luxury. I'm jealous!

I also think Chuck's job as a secret spy often seems exciting (though, you know, a little dangerous). And in the reality TV world, Padma's judging gig on Top Chef is an enviable job I would not turn down (eating all that great food? Sign me up!). Your turn: which TV jobs would you want?

Photos courtesy of Bravo, NBC, and The CW

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