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Buzz In: What TV/Movie Characters Did You Look Up To?

I don't think about her often anymore, but the news that Danica McKellar (aka. Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) recently got married reminded me that once upon a time I wanted to be Winnie Cooper. At the time, I'm not even sure it had much to do with the character's personality — I think I just coveted her long, straight hair. But for whatever reason, I thought Winnie Cooper was totally rad. I was also slightly obsessed with Punky Brewster and wished I were as fun and fearless as she seemed to be (when I wore mismatching sneakers, it just looked like a sad mistake).

One of my other major "role models," of sorts, was Chris Parker (Elizabeth Shue) from Adventures in Babysitting. I think more than anything I wanted her to be my babysitter, but I also admired Chris and wanted to be like her — clever, pretty, able to improvise a blues song when need be — when I grew up.

What about you? What characters on TV and in the movies did you think were just the coolest?

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