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Buzz In: What's Your Most Memorable 3-D Experience?

Buzz In: What's Your Most Memorable 3-D Experience?

There's no better way to say it: 3-D movies are so hot right now. You should keep those glasses handy, because Disney is planning a 3-D remake of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, with Robert Zemeckis at the helm. Apparently we can expect all the Beatles tunes we know and love, in a format similar to Zemeckis's upcoming A Christmas Carol.

3-D movies were a rare treat when I was kid, and the experience isn't exactly the same as an adult. Don't get me wrong — I loved every minute of Up, but nothing compares to the magic (and fear) I felt the first time I put on those glasses at Disney World to catch Michael Jackson in Captian EO. I'll also never forget when I saw The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D, and there was a sizable earthquake during the movie. For better or for worse, what's your most memorable 3-D experience?

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