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Video: Sexy Sherlock, a New Will & Grace — See What's New on CBS This Fall!

We've been giving you a sneak peek at some of the new series coming to TV this Fall, and in this episode of The Buzz, BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are breaking down some of the biggest offerings from CBS. From a sexy Sherlock Holmes to a sitcom with a Will & Grace vibe, take a look at what's ahead and tell us which show you're going to watch!

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Is there a new Will and Grace on the way. And get ready for a tattooed Sherlock Holmes. Hi, I'm Shannon Vestal. I'm Becky Kirsch and in this episode of the buzz, were bringing you the highlights from CBS. CBS came to the GCA to show us it's new fall shows, including 'Elementary' which is about a modern day Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Watson. But a female Watson is not the only thing that gives the show a twist. There's also an edgier Sherlock. Yeah, you know one of the things about him, aside from the fact that he's a recovering drug addict is that he is also covered with tattoos. Which are Jonny Lee Miller's real-life tattoos, and a reporter asked him about if it is nice to not have to cover them up, and he said that he doesn't have many regrets, but he did make some choices in the 90s that make him spend a lot of time in the makeup chair now. When he made that crack, I'm not sure that I'm the only person in the audience who thought about Angelina Jolie and his marriage to her in the 90's. No you're definitely not. So it's interesting time for another Sherlock Holmes show, because the BBC series Sherlock so popular, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Right, and people loved Benedict Cumberbatch. And, so does Johnny Ray Miller, it seems, because he was asked if he'd actually talked to Benedict about this show coming as they traded notes. And, Johnny Lee Miller, yes, absolutely. He says that they have talked and Johnny Lee Miller said that he had called Benedict after each episode of Sherlock like a groupie so I thought that was really cool, so they're on the same page about this. I don't, but once I've observed, I did this. How did you know that I used to be a surgeon? Google . Another drama that CBS showed off was made in Jersey. Which is a legal procedural Jenna Montgomery as a Jersey girl who goes to work in a big city law firm in New York. Now I got so used hearing the pilot using this Jersey accent that I completely forgot that she was British. There's no growth in the nail bed and her shellac still has first day sheen. If Miss Maury used a pair of pliers in a messy murder, she would have chipped a nail. My sister is a manicurist. So when she was on stage, it was a little bit jarring hearing her speak in this really elegant accent. I mean, for me, it was also visually different because on the the show she has this like huge so the jersey hair that's out to here. And, she's a little more polished when she's up on stage. But, she did say that she had to work for that accent because she had never done a Jersey accent before and she said she took a lot of inspiration from Mira Sorvino. Yeah, I thought that was interesting. But, I think she took her inspiration from another Jersey girl, Snooki. No. CBS is well known for it's sitcoms introducing a new one this fall with Partners, which stars David Krumholtz and Michael Urie as a pair of best friends who are also partners at an architecture firm. Now since one of the friends is gay and one of the friends is straight great and this is a comedy. I was definitely reminded of Will and Grace while I was watching it. And in the panel, we were reminded of why. That's because the show runners actually helped launch Will and Grace Back in the 90's. And you know the pilot is lead by two comedy veterans, Cromhold and Yuri Evolkdon. A lot of funny stuff, especially Ugly Betty, but Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh play their love interes and we haven't seen them be funny just as much, but they're both really excited about it. Sophia Bush, kind of said she was a little bit locked into One Tree Hill. Which kind of limited what she was allowed to do. And Brandon Routh has been making people forget that he's superman, but it's taking a long time. Sophia Bush, I think she's got really great timing and going to be great for a sitcom because when she was on "One Tree Hill" as Brooke, she had some zingers. And, everyone know that show was funny for different reasons. She did say that she tried to inject her brand of humor she could. Raise the roof. Those are our highlights from CBS. Stay tuned for more of our updates from Fall TV. I'm Shannon Vestal. I'm Becky Kirsch, and thanks for watching The Buzz.

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