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Cashmere Mafia Rundown: Episode 3, "Dangerous Liaisons"

Cashmere Mafia Rundown: Episode 3, "Dangerous Liaisons"

Since we're sadly lacking Gossip Girl for our Wednesday night scandal fix, I'm going to try recapping Cashmere Mafia for a while. Yeah, I know it's been a little disappointing so far, but hey, it's a scripted series that's still airing new episodes! Plus, there are only four episodes left after this one, so it's a pretty low commitment. Anyone with me? Let's get to it:

  • So Mia is in publishing, Juliet works in hotels, Caitlin does cosmetics marketing, and Zoe does . . . what, exactly? No, seriously, what's her job? I'm three episodes in, and I know her work involves something about "points" and making sure her scantily clad coworker doesn't sue her boss, but other than that, I'm stumped.
  • Also, so much of this show seems like a placeholder they meant to go back and punch up later but didn't have time to fix. Naming a magazine for modern men Modern Man is a lot like naming a fashion magazine Fashion Magazine. As for "Do you know what they call a cosmetics executive with bad skin? Don't make me finish that sentence," I bet they just couldn't come up with a funny way to finish the sentence.

More plot development and slightly less whining if you


  • So Juliet can't have sex without consequences because she's a woman? We've never heard that one before. That said, I did actually get a kick out of her stringing along poor Bobby Walsh, who flew across the ocean for a chance to hook up with her, even if it was lame that she ended up laugh-crying in his hotel bed and then going back to Davis.
  • A big part of the episode revolved around a new blog about corporate women called Regrets Only, which seems to be nothing but blind items about our four main characters. Mia's was about walking all over Jack — which, let's face it, she kind of did. But that came back to haunt her when Jack's magazine cover for Modern Man ended up being a picture of a woman about to chow down on a man on a plate. Zing! She got the upper hand in the end, though, with her letter from the Modern Woman.
  • Also, when did Mia actually get to tell her parents Jack had proposed? She was only engaged for about five minutes!
  • Meanwhile, Caitlin has a zit because she's stressed about her new potential relationship, which seems to mostly consist of making out in the middle of the street. No wonder she's already a blind item. If this were Gossip Girl, there would be spies everywhere snapping cell phone pictures.
  • But seriously, I think Caitlin is the most interesting character at this point. She seems so nonchalant about discovering a new side to her sexuality; all of her stress seems to come from normal fears about screwing up a relationship. Plus, she's the most lovably neurotic of all of them so far.
  • Really, did anyone not think that Katherine was going to end up sleeping with the boss and that Zoe would find out? Furthermore, did the boss really think he could fire her without a lawsuit?
  • The scene with Caitlin's boss trying to guess what made her zit go away was cute but a little drawn out, no? "We don't have a concealer named honesty."

So, what did you think? What were the best moments — and which were the most ridiculous? And do you think you can stick it out till the end of this mini-season?

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