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Channing Tatum Felt Abdominal Competition on the Magic Mike Set

Channing Tatum is one of the stars of Steven Soderbergh's latest thriller Haywire, which is a conspiracy-theory-type story centered around leading lady — and former MMA champ — Gina Carano. He spoke about what it was like going toe-to-toe with Gina in the movie, which is out on Friday, Jan. 20. Channing also shared about actually being ab-to-ab with a roster of hot costars like Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Bomer in the upcoming Magic Mike. Channing and Steven collaborated yet again on that film, which is loosely based on Tatum's experience as a male stripper back in Florida. Find out about the competition he and the Matthews endured while showing off their six-packs on film!

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I told them that I was a stripper from like, you know, 18 and 19 for about 8 months and he's like, "That would make a great film. You should write that." And I was like, "Okay. Yeah. I'll get right on that." I just really wanted to come work with Sutterburg and a good opportunity to sort of, you know, play around with Gina. So you obviously can hold your own in fight scenes but I'm wondering how Gina's stacked up against some of the costars you've battled with on screen before in your films. Fighting or acting? You know 'cause I mean acting she went toe to toe she went with the best in our entire, I guess, city here, I mean our town. You know, it's Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, those are some of the, like the best actors that we have in this town and it's crazy. Bill Paxton I mean they've been in some of the biggest movies that you ever see. And she went literally eye to eye with them and that's That's unheard of from a first time actor. This is one of two projects you've worked on with Steven Soderbergh. It seems like you guys have a great relationship. That's the reason I wanted to do the movie in the first place. You know, it's sort of a not a small part but not a huge part, but I liked it. And I really just wanted to come work with Soderbergh and get a good opportunity and sort of you know, play around with Gina and then I just sort of fell in love with the way he works, the way he looks at film, the way you know he looks at story and runs at sets and then, you know, we. I told them that I was a stripper from like, you know, 18 and 19 for about eight months and he's like, "That would make a great film. You should write that." And I was like Yeah. Okay . Yeah. I'll get right on that, Soderbergh. Let me write this for you and So, that's Magic Mike obviously. Yeah. How true to life is that jerk fruit. To experience is like, I mean it's not My life you know it's not autobiographical whatsoever. It's the only thing I have in common with the things that this 19-year-old kid that is in the movie. The main character. It's in the movie. He has a sister and he played football before he came in and that's it. And you have so many great co-stars in that film. Oh, my god. Yeah. We 've seen some old photos from the set. So, was there any competition for the guys to look like, you know, the best there. I think it's always a competition with guys. You know what I mean especially when you gotta be naked and letting it all out Yeah. You know what I mean. It's one of those, I remember the first day at rehearsal where you know where I was like boys it's time. It's, you know, it's time to start dropping them draws you know? Like we gotta do it sooner or later cause it's different. Guys look like fools in their underwear and walking around and trying to be sexy on stage naked. What's harder dancing and stripping or fighting on film? Oh, men. I don't know. They are both. They both have their unique-isms, but I think fighting on film is probably easier if you screw up, you know, just because, you know, you can say, cut, you know I didn't do that right and you don't really look like a fool, but if you mess up in stripping, you look like a fool and you're like let's do that again. You know, but let's admit it somewhere and it's on tape you looking like an idiot.

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