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What Do You Think of the Fifty Shades of Grey Cast?

Yesterday, Fifty Shades of Grey author E. L. James confirmed in a series of tweets that Charlie Hunnam was cast as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson will play Anastasia Steele. The speculation surrounding the movie has been a very hot topic, with fans of the book throwing their support to various actors like Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer.

Neither of these actors were at the forefront of my mind until the casting rumors started swirling last week, but I'm starting to warm up to these two already. I will say the usually blonde Dakota looks a lot more like Anastasia with a dye job, and a shave and a haircut could go a very long way to transform Charlie into the more clean-cut Christian. What's your take on the casting choices?

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ahman ahman 3 years
So sad. Just based on descriptions in the book, the chosen don't fit the bill. Not saying they aren't great actors but the book goes out of it's way to describe the two in detail and they disappoint in that department. I was excited to see these characters brought to life on the big screen so I could say, "okay, I get it. That's what she/he was talking about". I mean, if I was a sketch artist and was asked to sketch Christian and Ana using the details in the book, Charlie and Dakota would not be the outcome. Just sayin.
Misscaribean Misscaribean 3 years
She looks way to old and I know Ana is not supposed to be a bomb but she deserved a prettier actrice. Is it me or our future Christian ate too much burgers? lol I so wish Ian and Alexi were picked!! :(
Jenna-Gill Jenna-Gill 3 years
After Googling more pics of Charlie, I can definitely see it! (with a haircut/shave)
splenderosa splenderosa 3 years
I don't think anyone will go see this film. So it doesn't matter to me. Reading something is vastly different than "seeing" something that blatant on screen. No big star would take these roles, it would ruin them.
Wendi14845785 Wendi14845785 3 years
I'm really blown away by the negativity that everyone has about these choices. First of all, E.L. James has a pretty good idea of what her characters are I'm sure she chose Hunnam and Johnson accordingly. And, please, to go as far as to say that Hunnam is not attractive....Come on. I wouldn't have pictured him as Christian Grey, but I think he's a fantastic actor, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
MAMAMA9999 MAMAMA9999 3 years
Oh, really confirmed? Maybe I can imagine these two of good matched characters in the movie but... wont be interesting in it. So sad I cant see my favorites in it.
1278368 1278368 3 years
If Robert Pattinson is out, with all his lack of talent, the project is on track, it will be great!!
bugsbrat bugsbrat 3 years
he's actually not bad without the beard... just saying :)
Aminah14844850 Aminah14844850 3 years
From Croatia: WRONG WRONG WRONG in so many ways!!!!!! Nothing similar between them and grey and anastasia. Matt Bomer or Ian Somelhalder for Cristian and Emilia Clarke for Ana. Please, E L James, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to your's not going to be good...
cookie38 cookie38 3 years
A book is something we perceive from our imaginations! Making a movie is a whole new level. They probably tried to get characters close to the novel, but none of them would agree or asked for too much money, so if you enjoyed the book give them a chance!
Kate2934514 Kate2934514 3 years
Of all the actors mentioned for Christian only 2 got a NO WAY vote from me...and Charlie Hunnam was one of them. He's not just not beautiful, he borders on ugly.
CoMMember13626769985247 CoMMember13626769985247 3 years
Charlie Hunnam will be an amazing Christian Grey. If you have not seen him in SOA then you should, because as Jax he channels several emotions all at once and pulls that off perfectly. It will be good. Remember when everyone hated Daniel Craig as Bond, now three movies later can we imagine anyone else? Give folks a chance!
skiwoman58 skiwoman58 3 years
Not fond of either.Christain is supposed to be good looking.
Fooshii-Cupii14842335 Fooshii-Cupii14842335 3 years
Christen Grey is suppose be good looking with an amazing body no offends bit Charlie Hunnam is not good looking and we as fans of the book can't imagine him as christen Grey , I am speaking here for all the Middle East fans specially the ones in Dubai , united Arab Emiraties.
Fooshii-Cupii14842335 Fooshii-Cupii14842335 3 years
Charlie Hunnam is a very very very bad choice pick someone like Robert Pattinson , Ian Somerhelder , Matt Bomer , Willem levy , Henry Cavill but not Charlie Hunnam
Jessica14691259 Jessica14691259 3 years
All I can say is thank God Rob Pattinson stayed as far away as possible from this train wreck. And I can't believe Charlie signed up for it. Hope they rewrite everything.
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