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Charlize Theron Interview For Young Adult

Charlize Theron on Being a Teenage Ballerina, and Her Own High School Crush

Charlize Theron stars in Young Adult, which opens in limited release Friday, as a teen fiction writer returning to her small hometown in the hopes of reuniting with an ex-boyfriend. She told us about her own high school crush, who she says somehow never even knew she existed. Watch to hear what Charlize has to say about her "imaginary" relationship with him, as well as her comments on life as a teenager with ballerina aspirations.

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We didn't have a relationship. I thought we did, in my head. I think when it's hard that's really good, and that's what you want. Tell me what was it like to work with Jason and Diablo? My journey with this really happened with Jason. I mean, he came to me, kind of approached me with this and Diablo had just had her first child, so I met Diablo, I think, in the last week of shooting. So, Jason was really my partner in this, and I really wanted to work with him. Well, was it hard to initially play a character that was pretty unlikeable? Hard is such an interesting word in this industry, or for what I consider my job, because I think when it's hard, that's really good, and that's what you want. I think making movies areso time-consuming and the idea of sitting around for three months or sometimes now a year not doing something that's challenging you would be just it's was such a bore. And what would you say is the most challenging or exciting part of the whole process? Always just kinda going for the truth, right? I think that's what we are trying to do, just trying to find that truth. And somehow we create it, and we create in a way that doesn't feel manufactured, that feels real. so it's tricky to try to and get that authenticity across, that's your challenge every single day. In the movie you move back to your hometown to hopefully rekindle a romance with your high school sweetheart and even form a new relationship with one of your former classmates. Do you ever think about any of your old high school peers? Or would even want to meet up with any of them? I don't think meeting up. But definitely think movie has spiked this conversation. and so I've talked about this crush that I had in high school who didn't know I existed but I don't necessarily think about going back. I mean, look, we didn't have a relationship. I thought we did, in my head, in high school. What were you like in high school? By the time I hit high school, I was so focused on ballet, it was, I went to art school and so I was dancing eight hours a day and there wasn't really a lot of room for like boys and stuff like that and everybody was kind of focused on what they were there for. Our popular girl was not Mavis, but there definitely the popular girl.

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