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Chikezie Eliminated from American Idol Top 10

American Idol Elimination: Down to Nine!

American Idol cut its field from 10 to nine on Wednesday, the first of that long stretch of eliminations between when the tour is set and the top three is chosen. Which singer won't be moving on? Was it the person you predicted? To talk about it, just


Awww, Chikezie! Man. I can't claim to be surprised, of course, given that I predicted he'd be headed home. But I'm still a little bummed, because when he was his fun-loving, bluegrass-y, rollicking self (as opposed to his orange-suit-wearing, lounge-singer self), he was fantastic. Unfortunately, something kept pulling him down Lounge Singer Way, and that got him booted. I get a little annoyed when the judges harp on song choice, but I think contestants like Chikezie are the reason why they do it.

I was way off in the rest of my bottom three predictions, though: Joining Chikezie in the hot seats were Syesha and Jason Castro. In the case of Castro, I suspect it's just the same kind of scare Carly got last week. He was worried for about 17 seconds before Seacrest sent him back to safety; if he has even an OK week next time out, he should be fine. In the case of Syesha, though, I suppose I wasn't the only person who had the "huh, she's still on this show?" reaction when she started singing. That can't bode well for her future.

Some other thoughts on Wednesday's show:

  • Best group sing moment ever: Michael Johns and David Cook doing a little midair chest bump.
  • Huh: Seacrest claims that while the Idol songs aren't allowed to be on the iTunes chart (in case they'd bias the vote), they'd take up the top five positions if they were allowed. Of course, he won't say which five.
  • Who remembers Buzz's old electric blue pants? I'm pretty sure Brooke White does!
  • I should have known Carly was going to be safe; nothing rallies the fans like a bottom three scare. The way she attacked Brooke on the Safe Couches made me like her more.
  • Apparently being called the dark horse is a curse this year. I'm pretty sure that's what Simon said to Alaina just before she got kicked off, and then it landed Syesha in the bottom three.
  • Why was Kimberly Locke wearing a costume from some rags-to-riches Broadway musical?
  • Kristy Lee got one of her few moments out of the bottom three, and she didn't even get to enjoy it! Instead, she looked shell-shocked sending Jason over to face the wrath of Seacrest.

So, we're down to the nine who will be mentored by Dolly Parton next week. Who needs to step it up? Who's safe for a while? And what will David Cook do with country?

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