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Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Avengers Interview (Video)

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans Talk Sharing the Superhero Spotlight and Their Post-Avengers Sequels

The Avengers has a double dose of Chrises — Hemsworth and Evans, that is — in their pack, and I chatted with the guys at a press day for the movie. They revealed that they loved sharing the spotlight after having their own individual movies, and also discussed what they hope to see next from Thor and Captain America. Check it out!

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it's nice to walk in and be supported by a team of people, you know. I hope we see some Thor in Cap Two, that's what I want to see. So tell me a little bit about what it's like having your own super hero movies and then all coming together; do you miss the spotlight a little bit? Goodness, no. It's nice to share the work load you know: The first films, the individual films, it all rests on your shoulders. It's nice to walk in and be supported by a team of people, you know. It's good. Well said. So when you first saw the film, what were you most impressed by? The Hulk. Chris Evans. No, I was going to say the Hulk, just because he has the one thing can't really get a sense for him on the page. You know, you don't what it's going to look like, and it's so dependent upon that CGI. You know Ruffalo is an amazing actor, you know he's gonna bring something special and that you need to the character of Bruce Banner. But the CGI interpretation of The Hulk which has been incredibly criticized in the past is a big piece of this puzzle. So that was the thing that surprised me the most 'cause I loved it. You both have sequels coming up. What do you hope to see from your characters in that sequels? You know, you hope you're not repeating the same things you did before. You know, a lot of the human that come out for them was based on I'm a fish out of water, you know, element of Thor yet. Now, he can't be this naive again but you don't want to lose the humor. So hopefully, you know, I mean there's a great team of people on board who are gonna, I think, make sure we still have some of that. I hope we see some Thor in Cap two, that's I want to see. That's what I want to see. Wait. Your parents, it's going to be a whole different ball game. That's right. Well you know, I think it's a matter of him finding some footing in the modern day. And I think this film, and this team, and shield in particular gave him a sense of purpose, gave him a reason to get up in the morning, you know he's a soldier. He needs something to do, so I think now he has a bit of a home. So I think now it's gonna be about adjusting to the world around him a little bit more comfortably. Do you guys ever worry that you are going to wake up one day and just be tired of playing Thor or Captain America? I hope I never am, at least not for six more movies. I mean, you know, it's, so far, of course those things don't help but it's my love planet at the moment, and you know, I guess being able to work with great people and great right scripts and whatever will keep, you know, keeping that interest. Is that a word? That's it. Make sense to me. I got what you were saying. And with so many superhero movies coming out, what do you guys think, what do you think makes The Avengers stand apart from like The Dark Knight and Spiderman? Oh God. It's the latter, I think, you know those films, you know, brilliant in their own right but they're sort of totally different I think, you know, these films just strike a nice balance as still being a whole fun. They don't take themselves too serious. And it's fun you know, that's what I want out of a film.

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