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26 Times Danny Castellano Made You Swoon Like Crazy

Jul 22 2014 - 1:00pm

Mindy Lahiri's boyfriends [1] on The Mindy Project range from the really weird to the really, really wonderful, but there's nobody quite like Danny Castellano. Chris Messina's studly character is a man's man with a big heart, and whether he's doling out stubborn advice or whipping out impressive dance moves, he manages to win our hearts over and over again. Mindy and Danny's road to romance [2] has definitely had its fair share of ups and downs, but Mindy Kaling has shared insights [3] into how their relationship will shift in season three: "Seeing two characters like that who are so different and would make virtually the opposite decision in every part of their day try to date has been really fun." Ahead of the upcoming season, which kicks off on Tuesday, let's relive some of Danny Castellano's many swoon-worthy moments!

When He Lets Out This Slow Smile

When He Goes in For the Cheek Kiss

When He's Open About His Priorities

When He's Adorably Terrified

When He Really Strives For Realism

When He Pushes Himself to the Physical Limit

When He Knows the Power of Good TV

When He Doesn't Quite Understand Technology

When He Busts a Move

When He Brushes His Shoulders Off

When He Does the Face-Caress Thing

When His Heart Is Totally on His Sleeve

When He Adds His Thoughtful Two Cents

When He Just Goes For It

When He Offers the Most Perfect Workout Motivation

When He Does the Bedtime-Story Thing

When He Channels His Inner Fanboy

When He Smolders Like a Pro

When He Shares His Grandma's Life Advice

When He Shows His Earthy Side

When He Proves His Hugging Skills

When He's Amazingly, Adorably Awkward

When He Whispers Sweet (and Sexy) Nothings

When He Drops the Most Perfect of Lines

When He Flashes This Gorgeous Grin

But Mostly When All This Magic Happens

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