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25 Reasons You Probably Envied Christina Ricci in the '90s

Feb 12 2015 - 9:45am

With starring roles in hits like The Addams Family, Casper, and Now and Then, Christina Ricci [1] definitely cemented herself in '90s pop culture history. She brought surprising charm to Wednesday Addams, conveyed some thoughtful life lessons in Now and Then [2], and kissed then-heartthrob Devon Sawa not once, but twice on screen — not to mention her movie romance with Johnny Depp [3]. Since then, she's continued to win fans over with onscreen appearances and her funny Twitter feed [4], and last Summer, she had a baby boy [5]. The actress turns 35 this week, so to celebrate her birthday, take a trip down memory lane to remember all the reasons you couldn't help but envy Christina Ricci back in the '90s.

She Got to Dish Out Life Advice With Cher in Mermaids

And She Busted a Move Alongside Winona Ryder

She Also Played Wednesday, the Queen of #Unimpressed, in The Addams Family

She Had the Best, Quickest One-Liners

And She Wasn't Afraid of Anything

She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

And She Shamelessly Wiped Away Kisses (Ugh, Cooties)

Then She Befriended Ghosts in Casper

She Got to Feel a Ghost

And of All the Ghosts, She Befriended One Who Looked Like This

She Was Totally Aware of Her Luck

And She Held on to Him For Dear Life

She Was Asked the World's Cutest/Scariest Question

Then She Kissed Casper! As in, Devon Sawa!

Oh, and Then She Kissed Him AGAIN in Now and Then

She Kept Her Cool, Though

And She Fought Against Her Insecurities

Bonus Points For How She Could Take a Hit

And How She Quickly Bounced Back — "One For All," Indeed

In Buffalo '66 She Introduced Some Real Talk

And She Dropped Even More Truths in Sleepy Hollow

As If Devon Wasn't Enough, She Got Flirty With Johnny Depp, Too

She Kissed Him Blindfolded

Then She Kissed Him Again on the Cheek

She Also Hugged Him, Too

Well Played, Christina Ricci. Well Played.

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