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Chuck Recap: Episode 20, "Chuck vs. The First Kill"

Chuck Rundown: Episode 20, "Chuck vs. The First Kill"

I wish I'd kept track of how many times someone said the word "trust" on this week's episode of Chuck, but suffice to say it was a lot. "Trust me," "I can't trust her," "Can you trust them?" — pretty much every variation imaginable popped up in "Chuck vs. The First Kill." So who can Chuck trust? To chat about it, just


OK, if I were Chuck Bartowski, I'd be feeling awfully paranoid right now. With the exceptions of Ellie, Awesome, and Morgan, everyone in Chuck's life has ended up somehow connected to the spy world or to Fulcrum or to the Intersect in his brain. His dad's captured, his ex was even more evil than he imagined, and Sarah and Casey are increasingly at odds with the government on how to handle his secret. So yeah, trust is probably pretty top-of-mind for him these days. But what good does that do if the answer is that Chuck can't trust anyone?

Well, he can trust Sarah. We think. So far. And that's the big twist at the end of this episode: Chuck and Sarah are on the run, disobeying orders, ditching Chuck's tracking watch in a shopping basket at the Buy More (pity the poor shopper who picks it up . . . ). Beckman wants the mission shut down; keeping track of the increasingly squirrelly Chuck has become too dangerous, and Sarah's supposed to use Chuck's overwhelming trust of her to lure him into the Castle, where he'll be tranq-darted courtesy of Casey and shipped off to DC. But it turns out the government shouldn't have trusted Sarah so easily; she tells Chuck it's all a lie. Good thing for Chuck, and for us, that Sarah managed to keep her job a few episodes back, huh? Had the new handler been in charge, Chuck would probably be in an underground holding cell by now. Beckman has a point, though: Chuck's still pretty naive, even after all he's been through, and his trust of Jill means another Fulcrum agent is running free. But Chuck was right on that one; Jill did actually help, and it looks like instead of heading back to Fulcrum, she's just going to disappear for a while — maybe to Helsinki?

Speaking of which — this episode had a lot of laughs despite the dramatic finish, including the bittersweet awkwardness of Chuck and Jill's faux-engagement party and Chuck's first two kills, both at the hands of The Morgan. I love Chuck pointing out that he really is too nice a guy to let the Fulcrum agent drop 15 floors to his death, right before some faulty suit stitching wrecks all of Chuck's best intentions. The Buy More crew is also on fire as they first make a mess of the store to try to get Emmett kicked out, then suddenly put on their best behavior (and suits! even Jeff!) to get Millbarge promoted out of Burbank. Oh, little did they know, the first plan would have been better: Now it looks like they're stuck with Emmett for good, and poor, trusting Morgan is cast out.

Some other thoughts:

  • I'm surprised the government ponied up for a real engagement ring. Cubic zirconia probably would have been sufficient.
  • Love Casey trying to cheat off Chuck on the Fulcrum test — and Chuck positioning his elbow over his answers, grade school-style.
  • Ha: "Permission to drop the twerp into a deep, dark hole, General?" "Granted."
  • Also awesome: Casey blasting through the window with his gun, all "Looks like I passed that test."
  • The Fulcrum recruitment video was kind of crazy — a mix of American-as-apple-pie heartwarming images and horrible bloody things.

Chuck and Sarah are on the run, Chuck's dad is back near Barstow, and Fulcrum can't be far from learning Chuck's secret. These next two episodes better not be the last — save Chuck!

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