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Chuck Recap: Episode Seven, "Chuck Vs. The Fat Lady"

Chuck Rundown: Episode Seven, "Chuck Vs. The Fat Lady"

On this week's Chuck, people start to get a little suspicious of our secret agent nerd. Jill's jealous of his dalliances with Sarah and can't believe Chuck has no feelings for a woman who goes to work in a tight red dress with fishnet stockings; Emmett wonders where Chuck actually goes all day; and Morgan begins to doubt that Chuck is being completely honest with him. But Chuck's secrets don't even turn out to be the most interesting ones in this episode. To talk about it, just


Jill's a spy, you guys! And not just a spy but a Fulcrum agent, a rogue (like Bryce) who's after the Intersect — and, therefore, Chuck. I was a bit suspicious of Jill from the start — if Bryce became a spy, and Chuck got kicked out of Stanford so he wouldn't become a spy, what were the chances that the girl who came between them had nothing whatsoever to do with spying? But I'd almost convinced myself she was clean. I mean, she looked so legitimately terrified when held at gunpoint, and she seemed so devoted to Chuck. She couldn't really be out to get him, right? Uh, wrong. She is. And at this moment, she's driving Chuck somewhere along a California freeway, wind in her hair, most likely knowing that the CIA is going to have to work extra-hard to find them.

Of course, maybe if Chuck weren't so naive, he wouldn't have ended up in this situation. Sure, he can solve puzzles, and he's getting better at being a spy, but he's also got very little common sense. I get that the guy wants his privacy, but couldn't he at least take the tracking watch with him? And I know he's in love with Jill, but really, committing treason and putting himself in the line of fire (again) by stealing government property? If I had the opportunity to have the NSA and CIA keeping me out of trouble all the time, I'd roll with it, you know?

Meanwhile, this episode also tests Morgan's devotion to Chuck, as Emmett continues his mission of exposing Chuck Bartowski as something other than an upstanding member of the Nerd Herd. The scenes of Emmett attempting to blackmail the rest of the Buy More crew cracked me up (and Jeff continues to be on fire: "I don't rat. Only thing my mother taught me from the joint."), but the stuff with Morgan confronting Chuck had some real emotion behind it. More than anything, Morgan wants to be in, and Chuck's lie about Jill keeps Morgan on the outside. (Of course, he can't even imagine the extent of the other lies Chuck's been telling.) He's a true friend, though, and thanks to Emmett's hard night with a wine cooler, he has enough dirt to take the heat off Chuck for a while.

Some other thoughts:

  • That makes two shower scenes this year (. . . that I can remember) for Sarah, just one for Chuck. Any excuse to get those two soapy and naked is fine with me, even if it's a spray of powdered Hi-C.
  • Was Comic-Con an official sponsor of this episode?
  • Gotta love the out-of-context pocket dial from Chuck to Jill: She thinks Chuck and Sarah are having sex; Chuck's just stuck in a ventilation system. Do you think Jill is actually concerned that Chuck might be cheating, or is it all acting for the sake of her mission?
  • Emmett: "What is he into, Morgan? Uppers? Glue? A baby mama?"
  • Nerd code!

So much for Chuck's stable, real-life girlfriend. How will he get free of Jill? Will anyone take down Fulcrum? And should Chuck accept that his life will never be normal?

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